Is New MSN Search More Precise? Just Ask Google.

Written by Lisa Melvin

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Inquisitive and competitive by nature, we wondered what would happen if we typed inrepparttar very same question at Google. So we asked Google, "What isrepparttar 128075 mass of Jupiter?" Amazingly enough, Google spat out an answer right atrepparttar 128076 top of their results page as well. But Google's answer was, "mass of Jupiter = 8987 × 10 torepparttar 128077 27th power kilograms." Now, we're Internet marketing experts, not rocket scientists, but it appeared that Google actually providedrepparttar 128078 more precise answer.

Good humored sports that we are, we went promptly back to MSN Search to give it another try. Since their first result at least taught us that Jupiter's mass is 318 times that ofrepparttar 128079 Earth's mass, we typed inrepparttar 128080 next logical question, "What isrepparttar 128081 mass ofrepparttar 128082 Earth?," thinking that we could then arrive at our own conclusion by multiplying that answer by 318 to arrive atrepparttar 128083 answer Google had already provided.

Unfortunately, MSN's answer to "What isrepparttar 128084 mass ofrepparttar 128085 Earth?" was "Answer: World: mass: 1 Earth masses"

You'd think thatrepparttar 128086 folks over at MSN would have tested their examples on MSN Search as well as testingrepparttar 128087 same queries on other major competitors before selecting them forrepparttar 128088 final cut. Well, maybe not.

We then spentrepparttar 128089 better part ofrepparttar 128090 afternoon periodically asking MSN Search and Google questions to see how they'd fare. If you're ever bored, try asking them, "How hot isrepparttar 128091 sun?", "How many eggs are in a bakers dozen?" or "How far is it from New York to Utah?"

Here's what we learned from our afternoon of follies.

1. If you're looking for encyclopedia-type answers to questions like "What is a marsupial?" ask MSN Search (or visit or

2. If you’re looking for a black and white photo of daisies, use MSN Search becauserepparttar 128092 image search is nicely arranged and you can filter results by size as well as by color or black and white.

3. If you’re looking for results “near me,” stick with Google’s automatically localized results by includingrepparttar 128093 city and state in your query.

4. If you’re looking forrepparttar 128094 most precise answer, perhaps you should stick with Google (at least for now).

Lisa Melvin is the Search Engine Optimization Copywriter at, the Traffic Optimization Company, Maximizing the visibility of their clients’ sites, driving targeted traffic and increasing sales with their Search Engine Optimization, Media Buying and Online Marketing Services.

Search Engine Secrets

Written by Syd Johnson

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links, after a while, your site will start to suffer if you postrepparttar same article on your website.

The search engines will see it as duplicate content and onlyrepparttar 128074 highest ranking pages will get credit forrepparttar 128075 articles. If

your site is notrepparttar 128076 highest ranking, your article can help another website get more traffic than you do. So, make a few

changes, or better yet, create two separate articles onrepparttar 128077 same topic.

Place one on your site, and submitrepparttar 128078 other one torepparttar 128079 search engines. You getrepparttar 128080 incoming links and other websites will

have to deal withrepparttar 128081 consequences of an article that is distributed over 600 times online.

4. Followrepparttar 128082 links The purpose of links is not only to get a high google rank, but also as a way to bring in traffic. Seek out links from sites

with a high page rank and exchange links with some of your competitors.

It helpsrepparttar 128083 search engines to quantify your field of expertise since a site about web hosting wouldn’t naturally link to a

cooking site. You outbound links are just as important as your inbound links. It’srepparttar 128084 friends’ theory… show me where you

link and I’ll tell you what type of website you are.

Ok, so it’s my theory, but you getrepparttar 128085 idea.

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