Is Jesus Really the Son of God?

Written by Stephen Kingery

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Jesus did not beat aroundrepparttar bush when talking about who He was. He made it very clear that He wasrepparttar 140692 Son of God. Time after time He refers torepparttar 140693 fact that He is God's Son or that He should be treated as such.

When Jesus performed His miracles inrepparttar 140694 cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaumrepparttar 140695 people rejected Him. They did not recognize Him asrepparttar 140696 Son of God. Jesus therefore reproached or condemned them for their disbelief. Inrepparttar 140697 account of this in Matthew Jesus tells us specifically that all authority has been given to Him: "All things have been delivered to Me by My Father..." (Matthew 11:27a)

If indeed Jesus isrepparttar 140698 Son of God, and hasrepparttar 140699 authority and power over all things, then we -repparttar 140700 creation of God - should give honor and praise to Jesus. Jesus taught this to His disciples: "that all should honorrepparttar 140701 Son just as they honorrepparttar 140702 Father. He who does not honorrepparttar 140703 Son does not honorrepparttar 140704 Father who sent Him." (John 5:23) John 3:16 tells us that God loved us so much that He sent His only Son Jesus to this earth so that those who believed in Him could have eternal life. For God to do this for us, and for us to not give Jesusrepparttar 140705 honor due Him would be a terrible thing. Jesus also told us many things about Himself that shows that He isrepparttar 140706 Son of God. He said that He was sent by His Father intorepparttar 140707 world (John 8:42). He said that He had been appointed judge over all mankind (Matthew 25:31-41). He said thatrepparttar 140708 only way man can receive salvation,repparttar 140709 only way torepparttar 140710 Father was through Him (John 14:6). Jesus told us that His blood was shed forrepparttar 140711 remission of sins for many, or for all that accept Him as Lord and Savior (Matthew 26:28). And finally, Jesus said that He could submit Himself to die and raise fromrepparttar 140712 dead under His own power (John 10:18).

In a court of law, if there are two witness who will confirmrepparttar 140713 same set of facts to be true, it is very difficult forrepparttar 140714 apposing attorneys to disprove their testimony. Inrepparttar 140715 fifth chapter of John we have recorded for us not two, but four forms of witness concerningrepparttar 140716 fact that Jesus isrepparttar 140717 Son of God. In verses 31-35 we haverepparttar 140718 witness of Johnrepparttar 140719 Baptist, in verse 36 there isrepparttar 140720 witness ofrepparttar 140721 works of Christ, in verses 37 and 38 we haverepparttar 140722 witness ofrepparttar 140723 Father, and in verses 39 through 47 we haverepparttar 140724 witness ofrepparttar 140725 Scriptures.

In like manner,repparttar 140726 four gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - also bear witness torepparttar 140727 life, ministry, death, burial, resurrection, and deity of Jesus Christ.

"When Jesus came intorepparttar 140728 region of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying, 'Who do men say that I,repparttar 140729 Son of Man, am?' So they said, 'Some say Johnrepparttar 140730 Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one ofrepparttar 140731 prophets.' He said to them, 'But who do you say that I am?' And Simon Peter answered and said, 'You arerepparttar 140732 Christ,repparttar 140733 Son ofrepparttar 140734 living God.'" (Matthew 16:13-16) Even today people will say that Jesus was someone other thanrepparttar 140735 Son of God. Some say He was a good man, but notrepparttar 140736 Son of God. Others will say He was a prophet, a great teacher, or a great religious leader but reject Him asrepparttar 140737 Son of God. Still others say that He was an impostor, or even from Satan. If Jesus is reallyrepparttar 140738 Son of God (and He is), then we should follow His teachings and obey His gospel. Sorepparttar 140739 important question for you is not who do others say that He is, but who do you say that Jesus is? I say that Jesus isrepparttar 140740 Christ,repparttar 140741 Son ofrepparttar 140742 living God.

One ofrepparttar 140743 most beautiful parts ofrepparttar 140744 Bible, in my opinion, arerepparttar 140745 places where Jesus is called by various names. All these names point to or show that He is God's Son. Let me give you some examples of these beautiful names.

"And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS." (Revelation 19:16)

"I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things inrepparttar 140746 churches. I amrepparttar 140747 Root andrepparttar 140748 Offspring of David,repparttar 140749 Bright and Morning Star." (Revelation 22:16)

"The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, 'Behold! The Lamb of God who takes awayrepparttar 140750 sin ofrepparttar 140751 world!'" (John 2:29)

"This isrepparttar 140752 stone which was rejected by you builders, which has becomerepparttar 140753 chief cornerstone." (Acts 4:11)

"But one ofrepparttar 140754 elders said to me, 'Do not weep. Behold,repparttar 140755 Lion ofrepparttar 140756 tribe of Judah,repparttar 140757 Root of David, has prevailed to openrepparttar 140758 scroll and to loose its seven seals.'" (Revelation 5:5)

I am closing this article with a passage fromrepparttar 140759 Old Testament. It does not speak about Jesus specifically, but I feel thatrepparttar 140760 message is still applicable. "...choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve... But as for me and my house, we will serverepparttar 140761 Lord." (Joshua 24:15)

All scriptures quoted are fromrepparttar 140762 New King James Version unless otherwise noted.

Stephen Kingery is an author, preacher, teacher and founder of The Home Bible Study Institute.

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How We Got The Holy Bible

Written by Stephen Kingery

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The manuscripts fromrepparttar Dead Sea Scrolls, along withrepparttar 140691 Septuagint andrepparttar 140692 Targums allowed scholars to examinerepparttar 140693 Old Testament text. These examinations show that we have an Old Testament text free from error. This is due torepparttar 140694 obvious love thatrepparttar 140695 Jews had forrepparttar 140696 scriptures andrepparttar 140697 careful attention they gave to making transcripts ofrepparttar 140698 various texts.

The Old Testament text was written over a period of more than 1400 years. However,repparttar 140699 New Testament text was written approximately between 50 - 100 A.D., a span of about fifty years. At firstrepparttar 140700 written text ofrepparttar 140701 New Testament was inrepparttar 140702 form of letters (epistles) from some ofrepparttar 140703 Apostles and early church leaders torepparttar 140704 various churches given for instruction. As time passed, these letters were circulated around to other churches and were considered authoritative instruction. During this period of time those who new Christ and could witness to His work shared their experiences withrepparttar 140705 churches by word of mouth. Asrepparttar 140706 number of churches grew andrepparttar 140707 need for these churches to be instructed inrepparttar 140708 events of Christ's life grew, what we know asrepparttar 140709 four gospels came into being. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John put in writingrepparttar 140710 events ofrepparttar 140711 life and ministry of Jesus so that allrepparttar 140712 churches could learn from their witness.

The book of Acts,repparttar 140713 historical account ofrepparttar 140714 early church and how it grew, was a natural outgrowth of this process. And finally,repparttar 140715 book of Revelation was given to encouragerepparttar 140716 Christian to keeprepparttar 140717 faith tillrepparttar 140718 end and welcome a victorious Christ.

The Old Testament was written in Hebrew andrepparttar 140719 New Testament was written in Greek. We also haverepparttar 140720 Old Testament text paraphrased in Aramaic (Targums).

Even though we do not haverepparttar 140721 original manuscripts ofrepparttar 140722 Bible in existence today, much care has been taken to preserverepparttar 140723 Word of God by His people. We said earlier thatrepparttar 140724 painstaking transcription ofrepparttar 140725 Old Testament was evident inrepparttar 140726 comparison ofrepparttar 140727 existing Old Testament texts with those found inrepparttar 140728 Dead Sea Scrolls. We also know thatrepparttar 140729 New Testament text is accurate becauserepparttar 140730 early church fathers wrote extensively and quoted from scripture often. It has been said that perhaps allrepparttar 140731 New Testament could be reconstructed just usingrepparttar 140732 quotes fromrepparttar 140733 early church fathers in their many secular writings. Asrepparttar 140734 centuries have passed sincerepparttar 140735 church was established several translations ofrepparttar 140736 Bible have been made. Much care and scholarly attention has been given to these translations to insure textual accuracy.

The oldest translation ofrepparttar 140737 complete Bible text (Old and New Testaments) dates to about 150 A.D. It is known asrepparttar 140738 Old Latin version. Jerome revisedrepparttar 140739 Old Latin version around 382 and this revision became known asrepparttar 140740 Latin Vulgate.

John Wycliffe wasrepparttar 140741 first to translaterepparttar 140742 Bible into English. His translation was made fromrepparttar 140743 Latin version in 1382. The first person to publish an edition ofrepparttar 140744 Greek text was Erasmus in 1516. William Tyndale wasrepparttar 140745 first to publish an English translation based uponrepparttar 140746 Greek text. Tyndale's translation was made inrepparttar 140747 1530's.

The King James Version or Authorized Version was made in 1611. The English Revised version appeared in 1885. The more modern translations all came into existence inrepparttar 140748 1900's: American Standard Version - 1901, Revised Standard Version - 1932, andrepparttar 140749 New International Version - 1978.

The Word of God has withstoodrepparttar 140750 test of time. Moses set forth, by God's direction, to writerepparttar 140751 first Bible text almost 3500 years ago. Yet today we haverepparttar 140752 words Moses as well as all those who followed in one glorious book we affectionately callrepparttar 140753 Holy Bible. It is a book that is loved and revered by millions of people all overrepparttar 140754 world. It is a book that has been bombarded throughrepparttar 140755 ages by unbelievers in attempts to discredit it. But it is a book that has been preserved by God, for His people. As Timothy writes, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, thatrepparttar 140756 man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." (2 Timothy 3:16,17)

All scriptures quoted are fromrepparttar 140757 New King James Version unless otherwise noted.

Stephen Kingery is an author, preacher, teacher and founder of The Home Bible Study Institute.

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