Is It Worth to Outsource? How one can outsource wisely

Written by Alex Polonski

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Communicate carefully

When you have decided to contact several, as you think, most reliable companies, you shouldn’t provide them with complete info regarding your project at once. Keep a little intrigue and giverepparttar info partially. That will make you aware about professionalism of companies’ project managers as well as about their communication policy. Communication is what you will appreciate duringrepparttar 136056 whole project’s development. Therefore, it is better to find out whether they are communicative enough before you signrepparttar 136057 contract.

Ask for references/samples

Although offshore developers cannot disclosure their recent contracts, anyway, they have several clients that can provide you with references whether they are bad or good. If there are no references at all, ask for some softwarerepparttar 136058 company has developed. See and try each example of their work you can. That will make you aware aboutrepparttar 136059 quality of their services.

Phone or visit them

The best way to testrepparttar 136060 company, which you would like to outsource to, is contact them directly. Emails are good, but you can find out more info aboutrepparttar 136061 possible partners if you phone them. At least you will know about their command of English (don’t forget, you are going to outsource abroad) and their real interest. Additionally, you can make them relax a little, so they will be less defended against your research of true situation. If you visit them personally you’ll see exactly who and where will work for you. At least, ifrepparttar 136062 company doesn’t mind you visit them, that can mean that they are open enough for collaboration and they have provided you with more or less true info.

If you can do at least three of these five steps, there will be little chances for you to be cheated by an unreliable company thousands miles away. You’ll be able to experience that kind of wise outsourcing that can give you required competitive ability. Each time you are going to give some project for offshore development, take into account that you should be an initiator and wise decisions maker. Research, consult, and communicate. That’srepparttar 136063 motto of any company that is successful in outsourcing. It’s not too complicated, is it?

Alex Polonski is a Senior Sales Manager in XITEX Software Company (, Ukraine. The company works in offshore software development market since 1999 having fair expertise in J2EE and .NET technologies. Among company’s own-developed and marketed solutions, one can see a J2EE content management system, Xitex WebContent M1 (

Experiences of Management Coaching (Part 2)

Written by CMOE Development Team

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Not this: “Jim, twice this past month you turned in late reports. You know that my expectation is that all reports will be completed by deadline. Do you realize that you turned in two late reports?”

This: “Jim, twice this past month you turned in late reports. You know that my expectation is that all reports will be completed by deadline. Do you agree that there’s a problem here that needs attention?”

To getrepparttar employee to agree that a problem exists, a manager must do two things. First, he or she has to paint a mental picture for an employee that there is a difference between what is expected and whatrepparttar 135987 employee is doing. To paint that picture clearly, a manager must juxtapose two pieces of information for an employee to visualize:

  • a description of whatrepparttar 135988 employee has done, using whatever numbers or facts can be gathered aboutrepparttar 135989 employee’s performance
  • a clarification ofrepparttar 135990 manager’s expectations ofrepparttar 135991 employee inrepparttar 135992 performance area under discussion.

Positioning those two pieces of information together, using specifics, enables an employee to seerepparttar 135993 difference between his performance and what is expected or what others are doing.

Imagine that an employee has been late to several team meetings in a row. Although you did not single outrepparttar 135994 employee, you made it clear atrepparttar 135995 last meeting that you expected everyone to be on time. In this case, you might say something like: “I wonder if you are aware that you've been late to four team meetings in a row. I thought I clarified atrepparttar 135996 last meeting that I expect everyone to be on time.”

Second,repparttar 135997 manager must helprepparttar 135998 employee understandrepparttar 135999 negative affects associated with his behavior. Imagine thatrepparttar 136000 employee’s performance is a balance scale. Before a management coaching meeting,repparttar 136001 scale is tilted towardsrepparttar 136002 side stacked with all ofrepparttar 136003 reasons an employee might see for continuing his behavior. A manager’s task is to tiltrepparttar 136004 scale inrepparttar 136005 other direction so that an employee can see more negatives than positives associated withrepparttar 136006 behavior. Then,repparttar 136007 manager will be able to get an employee to agree that a problem exists.

The Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) seeks to improve individual leadership and team member skills within organizations.

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