Is It Time For Solar Energy to Get Hot?

Written by Tim Phelan

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Here is why I thinkrepparttar time is very near for this explosion to happen.

1. There is a bill inrepparttar 150557 state legislature in California now that will spend $billions on rebates for solar energy. The governor wants to show that he is inrepparttar 150558 front of this movement and wants to be aggressive. Some donít likerepparttar 150559 wayrepparttar 150560 bill is written, but there is a good chance it will pass.,1,3932108.story?coll=la-headlines-business

2. The panels are becoming more and more efficient at producing more energy.

3. The price may go down dramatically if contracts with China to producerepparttar 150561 panels are put into place. Normally I donít like our jobs going oversees to people who only get fractions of whatrepparttar 150562 US worker makes but in this instance it will also create many jobs here to installrepparttar 150563 panels, sell them, warehouse them etc... Plus this is somethingrepparttar 150564 country needs I feel. Clean, renewable energy that makes us less reliable on foreign oil and gases.

Also, some companies are producing these new generation flexible solar energy panels that come in sheets and can be rolled up and then out onto surfaces. These may bringrepparttar 150565 cost way down and makerepparttar 150566 instalation much more easy and cost efficiant. Here is an article about this new product:

At what point will these three variables merge?

I predict inrepparttar 150567 next two to three years this industry will take off like so many of us were hoping it would many years ago.

If you want to know how to install a solar electric panel system to your house here is a inexpensive e-book that shows you how. People can act now, and many already are by buying and installing these solar panels. Withrepparttar 150568 war on terror looking like it could last decades many look upon this investment as not only a clean green solution and a smart investment on increasingrepparttar 150569 value of their home, but as almost a patriotic gesture in a way to free us fromrepparttar 150570 dependence on middle eastern oil and natural gas. Here is a link to a terrific site where you can get these panels at wholesale prices. This site has all sorts of renewable energy sources." target=_top


Tim Phelan is a full time internet marketer who has been self emloyed forrepparttar 150571 last 12 years. Real estate,repparttar 150572 environment, art, world culture, politics are some of his other interests. Visit this site for some info on two of these interests:

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Tim Phelan has owned his own businesses for the last 15 years and has been entirely self employed for the last 12 years. He majored in art in college, worked as a blue colar worker for 17 years and now is making a living as an internet marketer in various businesses.

Does Rain Making Really Work?

Written by Graham McClung

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In primitive societies, rain makers usually have an inbuilt "get out" clause. The rain making ceremony consists of certain things done byrepparttar rain maker, supported by other rituals, requirements, or prohibitions required ofrepparttar 150140 communityrepparttar 150141 rain maker is serving.

These may be bans on certain foods or practices, but if repparttar 150142 rain doesn't come, who is to say that someone inrepparttar 150143 community failed to play their part, destroyingrepparttar 150144 rain maker's good efforts?

And eventually, with persistence,repparttar 150145 rain will come.

So, in a very general way, that's howrepparttar 150146 rain maker works.

But let's see what he or she is up against.

Weather isrepparttar 150147 local end result ofrepparttar 150148 effects ofrepparttar 150149 vast atmospheric circulation system, which works towards creating some sort of balance between unequal heating ofrepparttar 150150 earths surface,repparttar 150151 planet's rotation, transferring water fromrepparttar 150152 oceans torepparttar 150153 atmosphere and back again, variable distribution of warm and cold water currents inrepparttar 150154 oceans, and much, much more.

All this takes a huge amount of energy. Let's put it in perspective. In 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped onrepparttar 150155 Japanese city of Hiroshima, effectively destroying it. That bomb wasrepparttar 150156 equivalent of 12,500 tons of TNT, or 12.5 kilotons. An average thunderstorm generatesrepparttar 150157 equivalent of 20 kilotons.

A hurricane generatesrepparttar 150158 equivalent of a 10 megaton bomb - 10 million tons of TNT - every 20 minutes. Some people have asked why large bombs aren't used to divert or destroy hurricanes. Others have suggested that would be about as effective as throwing a ping-pong ball at a charging elephant.

To create rain out of nothing, a rain maker would need to control huge amounts of energy to overcomerepparttar 150159 inertia ofrepparttar 150160 stable weather systems associated with droughts. With that sort of power, why hasn'trepparttar 150161 rain maker taken overrepparttar 150162 world, hopefully forrepparttar 150163 good of all, or atrepparttar 150164 very least made his fortune by affectingrepparttar 150165 results of horse races?

Copyright 2005, Graham McClung. A retired geologist, Graham McClung has had a lifelong interest in the outdoors. And where there's outdoors there's weather. He is the editor of, where you can find reviews and advice to help you choose and use your own home weather station. You can contact him by email at

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