Is Internet Classified Advertising Dead?

Written by Erik A. Olsen

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Here's a specific example: Let's say you're a member of a network marketing company or similar home business and you want to drive traffic to your referral website. Go torepparttar above major search engines and type inrepparttar 101199 phrase "work at home" or "work from home" (there are many more search phrases you could use, I'll just use these two as an example). The #1 site for both Google and Yahoo forrepparttar 101200 phrase "work at home" is a popular site called "Work at Home Moms" ( If you take a look at that site, you'll notice they offer low cost classified advertising ($25 a month or less if you buy several months at a time). An ad placed at that particular high-traffic site sent more than 100 unique visitors a day to our site! What's more,repparttar 101201 visitors we received wererepparttar 101202 type of TARGETED visitors that are worth their weight in gold. If you need some relatively cheap, targeted traffic to your site, give online classifieds a try-you won't be disappointed!

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Mama, I Ain't Spending Another Dime!

Written by Gauher Chaudhry

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In 2001, I raisedrepparttar price of running an ad in Cool Cash Ezine, but atrepparttar 101198 same time reducedrepparttar 101199 number of classified ads to only a maximum of five ads per issue. I also took it one step further by guarantying a certain amount of click-thrus depending on which sponsor adrepparttar 101200 advertiser purchased.

<-- For example -->

Sponsor #1 - $50.00 (This ad will appear just afterrepparttar 101201 table of contents. Guaranteed 50 clicks)

Sponsor #2 - $35.00 (This ad will appear afterrepparttar 101202 editor's comments. Guaranteed 35 clicks)

Sponsor #3 - $25.00 (This ad will appear afterrepparttar 101203 "Business Building Articles" section. Guaranteed 25 clicks)

Sponsor #4 - $20.00 (This ad will appear afterrepparttar 101204 "Cool Sites" section. Guaranteed 20 clicks)

Sponsor #5 - $15.00 (This ad will appear afterrepparttar 101205 "Stress Relieving Humour" section close torepparttar 101206 end ofrepparttar 101207 ezine. Guaranteed 15 clicks)

<-- End of example -->

By guarantying results, I am telling my advertisers that I will assume some ofrepparttar 101208 risks of your ad and will make sure that they receive a certain amount of clicks. If they do not getrepparttar 101209 desired number of clicks, I will either run their ad again in repparttar 101210 same ezine or in another ezine until they getrepparttar 101211 number of guaranteed clicks.

If you noticerepparttar 101212 ads in this issue of Cool Cash Ezine, you will see that allrepparttar 101213 urls are redirect urls going throughrepparttar 101214 site. This is so I can trackrepparttar 101215 results of my customers' ads. I can also show themrepparttar 101216 results and suggestrepparttar 101217 next course of action that I feel will benefit them.

Advertisers want results. Give it to them and they will give you more of their business.

Pay-per-click search engines are a prime example of web sites that offer pay only for performance. You only spend money when you get results. Using search engines such as, you could literally bring thousands of visitors to your web site for as little as a penny per click.

Maybe I have started a new trend for ezine advertising? Regardless, I do know that I am going to have to increaserepparttar 101218 guaranteed number of click thru's as time passes. That isrepparttar 101219 reality of Internet marketing.

Bend over backwards to help your advertisers and believe me, they will catch you if you fall. Advertising should be a full fledged partnership where both parties end up happy.

If you do not differentiate now, then you will surely be out of business inrepparttar 101220 future. If you provide advertising for customers, show themrepparttar 101221 results.

If you are an advertiser, tell your mama that you ain't spending another dime until you see results!

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