Is Google having a tough time with their website limit?

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Until Google increasesrepparttar amount of websites it will index within its results, we are all going to have to battle to stay on top. Internet marketing in general is becoming increasingly tougher with every month that passes. It has finally caught up to us and we are now starting to fight a hard battle.

One more thing you may notice:

Google's cache (Snapshot image of your website when it crawls through) is becoming a little wonky lately. One day Google will have an updated cache,repparttar 140309 next day it won't have a cache at all, andrepparttar 140310 following day it will have a cache of your website from 2 weeks ago.

What does this all mean?

When Google crawls a certain page, it looks at everything. Letís take one specific internal page in your website. This specific page may be ranked 10 different times withinrepparttar 140311 search results for 10 different key searches depending onrepparttar 140312 content within that certain page.

As Google increasingly fights to keep certain pages, its cache may be having a tough time keeping up and deliveringrepparttar 140313 most relevant cache to date. More times than not,repparttar 140314 front page of a website doesn't have a cache at all anymore! This is very interesting. It may mean that your front page may not berepparttar 140315 "key" anymore since more and more people are trying to cram everything underrepparttar 140316 sun within their front page.

It is possible that your "Main Sub-Categories" are weighing higher in Google's eyes forrepparttar 140317 quality and relevance of your internal content.

What you want to do is to provide a clean map to all your internal pages. Your front page wasrepparttar 140318 best solution for providing a map to all of your pages. Maybe these days, your front page should be used only to link to your main "sub-categories" and also to show your most recent posted content!

I will leave you with this. If you are new online or even an experienced marketer online, buying many new domain names may not berepparttar 140319 key to increase your success right now. Buying new domains should be a long term investment. Try increasingrepparttar 140320 popularity of your already established websites in order to gain more exposure for your business. Owning more domains increasesrepparttar 140321 amount of time and effort you need to promote each one. Like I've mentioned many times before, owning a network of websites is not enough! You need to expand your horizons online, increase your content and create more business partnerships every chance you have.

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Martin Lemieux isrepparttar 140322 president ofrepparttar 140323 Smartads Advertising Network. Smartads is here to help your business grow online and offline. Visit us today!

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About The Author:

Martin Lemieux is the president of the Smartads Advertising Network. Smartads is here to help your business grow online and offline. Visit us today!

International: Smartads Canada:

Internet Marketing Tips: Business Resource Tips:

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