Is God Trying To Tell You Something

Written by David Walker

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God is not a God that needs to use disasters and death for us to turn to Him. He is a God that is always extending his mercy to help us through our struggles. If it were not for God and His son Jesus Christ where would we be? It is through His son Jesus Christ that we have away back to God. It is because of Godís mercy that evil hasnít destroyed us.

Listen, friend, take some time today to talk with God about your struggles and life. He is standing atrepparttar door of your heart wanting to talk with you. Today isrepparttar 127008 day to open up your heart and let Him in.

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Pastor David and Minister Sharon Walker are founders of Harvest Christian Outreach Center (HCOC), Kansas City, Kansas. They have been married 11 years. In 1997, he became a licensed Associated Minister and was ordained in 1999.

TGN - God is Powerful - E=MCsquared

Written by Ron McCluskey

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The Milky Way Galaxy, that we are a part of, has about 200 billion stars (200 thousand million!). The Milky Way is an average Galaxy. So, you can multiplyrepparttar number you got inrepparttar 127007 last paragraph to get a fair estimate ofrepparttar 127008 number of stars that are close enough for us to see. Who knows how many are beyond our vision.

And yetrepparttar 127009 Bible says thatrepparttar 127010 Heavens were made "Byrepparttar 127011 word ofrepparttar 127012 Lord". Imagine that!

When you speak a word do you get exhausted? Do you even think about expending any energy at all? Or is it effortless? To think that we serve a God who could speakrepparttar 127013 entire universe into existence without even getting short of breath is impossible to comprehend.

Couple that power withrepparttar 127014 gentle personal and sacrificial love that He gives each one of us and that should really blow your mind!

Until next time, May God Bless! Ron McCluskey

copyright 2003 Ron McCluskey You may reproduce this newsletter in part or in whole providing that you includerepparttar 127015 website, contact information and resource links.

Ron McCluskey is an emergency room physician and amateur naturalist. Growing up, he studied insects and birds. While he continues to enjoy studying these natural subjects, his interest has grown to include the rest of creation as well.

He has spent over a year doing volunteer work in tropical countries. While there he enjoyed seeing how God's creation gives ample evidence of His intimate knowledge and care for His nature.

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