Is Free Will a Myth?

Written by TrysDan Roberts

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And so on..... So how do we stand up to these external free will hijackers and say "F#*%K OFF"

There is no one perfect solution. It will take much work to deprogram yourself. You can start by:

* Read and ask questions

* Look at all sides ofrepparttar issue (ie..not just one news channel)

* Revisit your childhood and analyse what you were taught both at home and at school.

If we recognizerepparttar 132527 external factors that restrict or shape our free will, we haverepparttar 132528 power to exercise free will in regards to how we perceiverepparttar 132529 messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Through education, meeting others who verbally challengerepparttar 132530 status quo, we are able to challenge those who wish to influencerepparttar 132531 choices we make in life.

For a more in depth look,check out: The Sinking Of Noah's Ark. ISBN: 1589392191(,

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Legal Protection for Same Sex Couples

Written by Johnette Duff

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The marriage contract from any state comes with built-in advantages and disadvantages. Married couples are bestowed with automatic inheritance rights. They enjoyrepparttar right to sue for loss of consortium if a third party injures their spouse, denying them services and companionship. Because a married couples has rights, they cannot be denied hospital visitation orrepparttar 132525 right to make medical decisions for each other. Employers often offer medical coverage and benefits to spouses of employees. Why should same-sex couples be denied these benefits? Couples who live together do have flexibility to create their own rights and duties vis-a-vis each other. A same-sex couple can execute wills, written cohabitation agreements, durable powers of attorney for health care (giving a partnerrepparttar 132526 right to hospital visitation andrepparttar 132527 right to make medical decisions inrepparttar 132528 event of an emergency) and, with careful financial awareness, create many ofrepparttar 132529 advantages of marriage.

The question of medical insurance and benefits should be balanced againstrepparttar 132530 “marriage penalty tax,” which still exists. The denial ofrepparttar 132531 choice to same-sex couples, however, isrepparttar 132532 true discrimination. Same-sex couples should haverepparttar 132533 option of forming a legal relationship underrepparttar 132534 law, no matter what title it is given.

Johnette Duff is the author of The Spousal Equivalent Handbook, The Marriage Handbook and Love After 50. Nationally, she has appeared on Today, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and in The Wall Street Journal, Self, Smart Money, New Woman and Modern Maturity promoting information on love and the law. Ms. Duff has recently opened a web site titled, love and the law.

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