Is Free Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

Written by Richard Lowe

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What does this have to do with free? Well, when someone visits a site, especially forrepparttar first time, you've got seconds to convince then to stay and look around. You have to give all of your visitors a lot of options and things to read and learn about. You must impress them, and you must do so quickly.

One way to get them to stay for a short while is to give them some free things. Of course, you can write articles (that's what I do on my site) which give valuable information. You can give them graphics, games, plug-ins for their site, free programs, coupons, or anything else that you can think of (it's probably a good idea to make sure all of this fits in withrepparttar 113280 theme of your site - other than that, repparttar 113281 sky isrepparttar 113282 limit).

Another reason to give out free things is to get people to come back. That's one ofrepparttar 113283 primary ways that Yahoo and sites like it sell advertising ... they give away free things (email, calendars, classifieds and so on) so you will continue to come back to their sites. They can predict how often people will view those ads (based upon statistical analysis), and they've got a good idea of what kind of things you are interested in based upon your actions at their site. Thus, they can sell advertisers a commodity ... you. Or rather, your eyes.

That's why free stuff will continue onrepparttar 113284 internet ... it gets you there and it makes you come back again and again.

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Free Stuff: Translation Services

Written by Richard Lowe

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Babelfish In a strange and wonderful book called "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", a small creature known as a Babelfish allows you to understand (telepathically)repparttar speech of any other race inrepparttar 113279 entire galaxy. All you need to do is put this small fish into your ear. The fish "eats" speech (more or less) and excretes a telepathic translation into your brain.

If only it were that simple. Needless to say,repparttar 113280 Babelfish service (which was purchased by Altavista) is not that good, but nonetheless, it servesrepparttar 113281 purpose. Simply paste some text intorepparttar 113282 box (or choose a webpage), selectrepparttar 113283 "To" and "From" languages and click a button. Within a short timerepparttar 113284 text will be translated for you. It's not perfect but it works.

T-Mail You can use this service two ways: by registering, you get a mail address of Messages send to that mail address are automatically converted from one language to your preferred language. T-Mail forwardsrepparttar 113285 translation to your current e-mail address.

If you don't want to register, you can use your current e-mail account and send a message to a buddy (or yourself perhaps). By typingrepparttar 113286 appropriate T-Mail address onrepparttar 113287 Cc: line ofrepparttar 113288 same message before sending it, you instruct T-Mail to translaterepparttar 113289 email message from one language to another. The original message is delivered as usual torepparttar 113290 person onrepparttar 113291 To: line. The copy is sent torepparttar 113292 translator, translated and sent torepparttar 113293 person onrepparttar 113294 To: line.

T-Sail sail Similar to Babelfish, this service allows you to translate a web page (or search engine results) from one language to another.

T-Text -text.shtml With T-Text, you simply paste some text in a box, selectrepparttar 113295 translation, click a button and viola, you haverepparttar 113296 translation.

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