Is Exercise Making You Feel Worse?

Written by Chris Green

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For my other workouts, I'd perform instructor-led circuit training sessions. As you're listening out for instructions and performing sequences of exercises at a high tempo, you don't have time to dwell on your troubles and worries. The problem is that once you stop exercising, you return torepparttar modes of thinking which lead to stress, depression or anxiety.

As soon as my workout had finished, I'd performrepparttar 150538 flawed modes of thinking, modes that made me anxious and depressed. Exercising did very little if anything to stop me performing these flawed thought processes.

Do be aware of what's happening when you exercise. Exercises that don't require much concentration may have you brooding over your troubles as you perform them. Jogging, walking, exercise machines, weight-training are all examples of such exercises. Instead, try ones that are more intensive or competitive so your whole concentration is required. Circuit-training worked for me, so did sports like soccer and badminton.

The idea is to give yourself a period of time where you're not thinking about your problems and worries. And of course, you'll do your body a whole heap of good too!

The point here is to understand that exercise can only provide temporary relief. The only way to find permanent relief from your suffering is to understand and address flawed modes of thinking. And, just as physical exercise benefits our bodies, mental skills leading to better modes of thinking will bring enormous benefits to our minds.

The following quote sums it up in a nutshell:

"Thought can make you, thought can break you." - Swami Sukhabodhanada

Until next time.

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Using Chinese Techniques For Your Health And Strength

Written by Roy Thomsitt

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The harmony of breathing, andrepparttar agility obtained without efforts duringrepparttar 150434 training sessions, confer a better concentration and a fast recovery from stress, tiredness, by inviting you to meditation.

T'ai Chi Chu'an repparttar 150435 wonder dance

You have probably seen on TV that in China, very early inrepparttar 150436 morning, hundreds of people, in large groups or alone, perform apparently weird movements out inrepparttar 150437 open. This exercise, with waving movements, is an ancestral inheritance. The eternity ofrepparttar 150438 universe, andrepparttar 150439 rhythm of its permanent changes, have brought aboutrepparttar 150440 idea thatrepparttar 150441 human being can become immortal, if only he adapts to and follows this rhythm. This technique represents a putting into practice ofrepparttar 150442 subtle side ofrepparttar 150443 human being (spiritual evolution, mental control etc) andrepparttar 150444 physical side (muscles, articulation, bones etc).

Whenever you feel intellectually or physically tired, T'ai Chi Chu'an gives yourepparttar 150445 possibility to gain back, in only a few minutes, your strength and your harmony.

There are also other Chinese arts whose efficiency has been proven overrepparttar 150446 centuries, so why not attend Chinese seminars, or searchrepparttar 150447 internet, in order to get more information, whenever you haverepparttar 150448 chance? It is a move you may well benefit from, in body, mind and spirit.

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