Is Duplication a Myth?

Written by Priya Shah

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2. Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Your personality is a combination of your own life experiences, education and outlook on life. These are things that can never be duplicated from person to person.

Instead of being ashamed of your past lifestyle or failures, share them with your prospects and customers. Get personal and let them know where you're coming from.

Frank Garon, who makes over $130,000 a year, revels in being known as a 'former New Jersey truck driver.' Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter's revelations on his attempts to lose weight get more reader responses than any other section of his newsletter.

Sharing that bit of their personality helped them create empathy, an image of them inrepparttar minds of others, and made thousands of people trust them enough to join their business.

3. Be Yourself

Because marketing is all about building relationships, you should let your personality come through in your communications, so you can build trust and network with like-minded people.

If you force yourself to become a clone of someone else, no matter how successful they are, you will always sound insincere and that will put people off.

People are more likely to do business with someone they know and trust. Or with someone who forges an emotional bond with them.

Be sincere, let them know something about you that they can empathize with and you're on your way to building a relationship.

So throw away those scripts. Or readrepparttar 122525 best ones and make them your own. Rewrite them to complementrepparttar 122526 way you would normally speak or interact with people.

You can always try to duplicate a system, a script, or even success. Butrepparttar 122527 only thing that can ever really be duplicated is "Uniqueness."

Priya Shah is the Editor of "Be a Whiz at eBiz!" a free-wheeling newsletter on internet marketing and home business She also publishes "The Glutathione Report," a newsletter featuring regular updates on the health benefits of glutathione.

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Wellness Opportunity

Written by Priya Shah

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Once people start using them and benefiting, more often than not, they will continue to use them.

If you treat your customers right, they will buy from you month after month, providing you with regular commissions and a more or less stable source of income.

There's usually no need to keep selling to them again and again (barringrepparttar obligatory seasonal promotions).

Ifrepparttar 122524 products meet their requirements and you give them a good deal and great service, they will give you repeat business for a long time to come.

3. Your Income Grows Exponentially

When selling a digital product (as an owner or an affiliate), your potential for future income actually DECREASES with every sale you make.

Unless you are amongrepparttar 122525 few top marketers who can churn out a new product every month, or can earn more on back-end commissions, your potential for income will always be limited by your creativity.

In contrast, because most wellness opportunities also involve building an organisation, every product sale actually INCREASES your potential for future income, by growing your organisation of customers and potential distributors purchasing every month.

If you help your downline earn a regular income, few will quitrepparttar 122526 business they have built so earnestly. Again YOU benefit fromrepparttar 122527 RESIDUAL commissions thatrepparttar 122528 organisation provides.

4. Wellness Opportunities have a High Feel-Good Factor

One ofrepparttar 122529 main reasons that I suspect people stick around inrepparttar 122530 wellness industry isrepparttar 122531 feel-good factor. It can really make your day when someone calls or writes, telling you how wonderful your products made them feel. Or how it gave them their life back. :-)

Even more than making money,repparttar 122532 feeling that you have helped another person feel better is always a strong motivator in working your business.

I've no doubt it feels good when someone who purchased your eBook writes to tell you how it helped them succeed. But I can bet it comes nowhere nearrepparttar 122533 feeling you get when you help someone beat a life-threatening illness or conquer their pain.

5. The Need for Wellness Only Increases with Age

As we grow older, we want to work less and enjoy life more. We also want to live healthier lives and enjoy enhanced community interaction.

Wellness opportunities are ideally suited to seniors because they haverepparttar 122534 potential to fulfill all their needs, ranging from financial security to improved health and personal interaction.

Lastly, working a wellness opportunity empowers you to take steps to improve your own health and well-being.

And do I even need to reiteraterepparttar 122535 oft-repeated quote that it will berepparttar 122536 next Trillion Dollar Industry?

Priya Shah is the Editor of "Be a Whiz at eBiz!" a free-wheeling newsletter on internet marketing and home business She also publishes "The Glutathione Report," a newsletter featuring regular updates on the health benefits of glutathione.

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