Is Common Sense or Research Needed to Cure Cancer?

Written by Dr Randy Wysong

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Research has also shown that a low carbohydrate, high protein, high arginine (meat amino acid), low omega-6 fatty acid and high omega-3 fatty acid diet is useful for both preventing and treating cancer. Tumor cells do not do well on fats or protein. But they love that sugar. The natural, raw diet for humans and their pets is high in fat (the preferred energy source) and protein, high in omega-3 fatty acids (fish, wild meat, some seeds and vegetables) and low in omega-6 fatty acids (grains, grain-fed meats and most oils), and is alkalinizing. This is no scientific discovery. It's common sense. But companies are clamoring to patent versions of natural diets and crediting their science for discoveringrepparttar obvious. Examples are new patented, "cancer-fighting" foods featuring high fat, high omega-3 fatty acids, low carbohydrates, and high protein and arginine. Finally, feeding people and pets what they should have been getting all along (as, I hate to say, I have been arguing for decades) is so novel that it is patentable! It isrepparttar 149140 edge-of-the-map science that is responsible for this sorry state of affairs. Likerepparttar 149141 ancient mariners who believedrepparttar 149142 world ended where their maps left off, science has assumed that calories, regardless of their source, wererepparttar 149143 edge of their map. Their nutritional world ends with calories and percentages of known nutrients. Science has insisted that if a human or animal requires X calories per pound each day, it matters not whether those calories come from fresh, real foods or Twinkies. That's why hospital patients paying a thousand dollars a night dine on Registered Dietician Jell-O, diet pop and instant potatoes. What has been ignored is that calories are notrepparttar 149144 edge ofrepparttar 149145 map; ships do not drop offrepparttar 149146 Earth when they disappear overrepparttar 149147 horizon. Nowrepparttar 149148 world beyondrepparttar 149149 edge of conventional medicine and nutrition is slowly being rediscovered. The world is round... and people and animals require their natural, genetically programmed diet that lies beyondrepparttar 149150 edge of science’s calories. Quality of calories do matter and is a whole new world promising health. So, to increaserepparttar 149151 chance of having cancer, or to speed its progression, eatingrepparttar 149152 standard modern fare isrepparttar 149153 way to go. Get lots of sugar and lots of grain-based foods such as pasta, bread, cereal, bagels, donuts (which convert to sugar after consumed) and lots of vegetable oils. Increase carbohydrates, eat oleo and look for low-fat foods. Drink very little water and instead enjoy acidified pop and municipal acidic water. Tumors thrive on this banquet. You can wait for “research” to prove that natural foods and natural living (fresh air, exercise, sunlight, loving relationships) prevent and reverse cancer, or you can be a thinking person and apply this obvious wisdom beginning today. Further Reading: The Wysong Optimal Health Program™ Lipid Nutrition – Understanding Fats and Oils in Health and Disease Isrepparttar 149154 U.S. Healthier than Ever? What to Do to Reverse and Prevent Acidemia Shorts – Acidosis...I Told You So Cancer and Diet Cancer and Sulforaphane from Veggies Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Fish Oil for Cancer Sugar and Cancer Flax Seeds and Cancers

Dr. Wysong is author of seven books on health, nutrition, philosophy and origin of life. He is director of the non-profit Wysong Instute and author of the Wysong e-Health Newsletter (free on-line) now in its 18th year of continuous publication.

Great Skin

Written by Jan K. Johnson

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Try this recipe:

Mash ˝ avocado with 1 tbsp of plain yogurt. Blend well and apply to clean skin. Leave on for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse off face.

Proper cleansing ofrepparttar skin prior to applying any moisturizer or face mask is always recommended. It's best thatrepparttar 149107 pores are completely clean forrepparttar 149108 best results

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