Is Cold Calling Worth It?

Written by Tino Buntic

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Takerepparttar fifteen cold calls a day rule. Anybody reading this book will think that fifteen cold calls a day is nothing. If it takes 2-3 minutes to make a phone call, it shouldn't take more than 45 minutes to make your mandatory 15 calls. Thenrepparttar 146819 rest ofrepparttar 146820 day is spent selling in front of prospects.

But it doesn't work this way. If you've ever cold called, you will know that it usually takes at least 10 phone calls to reach a decision maker. Think about it, executives aren't sitting in their offices waiting for your call. They're either onrepparttar 146821 phone, in meetings, on vacation, or they just don't want to talk to you. So now, to talk to fifteen people, you need to make 150 cold calls. This is not 45 minutes of work; this can take days.

Further, for someone to say that he enjoys hearingrepparttar 146822 word "no" because it means he is getting closer to a "yes" is just misleading. Although a select few people can take this kind of rejection day in and day out, most cannot. It is only human nature to be discouraged by so much rejection.

There are better ways to get sales leads and increase your sales. People buy from people that they trust. Your time should be spent networking with your friends, colleagues, and business contacts. Get referrals, get introductions, get testimonials andrepparttar 146823 sales will come. Not only that, your job will be better; nobody likesrepparttar 146824 rejection and time consuming nature of cold calling.

Tino Buntic is a former insurance broker and cold caller and a current entrepreneur. He is the creator of

Five Ways To Maximize Profit In Resale Rights Marketing

Written by Sean Felker

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Here are five options that a resale rights marketer can use to maximizerepparttar potentials of any products he plans to resell.

1.Re-brand, repackage, resell. Ifrepparttar 146807 resale rights marketer holdsrepparttar 146808 master rights torepparttar 146809 product, he could name himself asrepparttar 146810 author, change a few things here and there, and sellrepparttar 146811 product as something new.

2. Buy and sell. The resale rights marketer can also partake ofrepparttar 146812 most fundamental principle of profit: buy low, sell high. In our illustration,repparttar 146813 resale rights marketer boughtrepparttar 146814 master rights torepparttar 146815 product for $25. He could sellrepparttar 146816 same master rights for a higher amount.

Or better yet, he could sellrepparttar 146817 product itself to many interested buyers at a price that he would deem sustainable and reasonable. Imagine if he succeeds on sellingrepparttar 146818 product to 90 people for $10 each. Thatís $900 from a $25 investment!

3. Divide and distribute. The resale rights marketer can also dividerepparttar 146819 product into several components, and sell or use them individually. An e-book, for example, can be broken down to a series of articles which can be used as auto-responders, e-zine content, or chapters for other e-books.

4. Use it as a freebie. Ifrepparttar 146820 resale rights marketer holdsrepparttar 146821 master rights torepparttar 146822 product or is otherwise allowed byrepparttar 146823 license, he could bundle it with another one to increaserepparttar 146824 latterís value and justify a higher selling price. Or he could userepparttar 146825 product as a freebie in a viral marketing campaign he is employing.

5. Have it auctioned. Ifrepparttar 146826 resale rights marketer holdsrepparttar 146827 master rights torepparttar 146828 product or is otherwise allowed byrepparttar 146829 license, he could haverepparttar 146830 product auctioned torepparttar 146831 highest bidder. This would allow him to earn more than what he originally paid for!

There are many other ways by whichrepparttar 146832 resale rights marketer can earn through this trade. The possibilities are only limited by his imagination!

Sean Felker is the publisher of the very successful and popular Work at Home and Making Money on the Internet blog:

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