Is Coaching Everything That It Is Cracked Up To Be?

Written by Allie Ochs

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Singles: ·Find out who you are ·How to ignore most dating advice ·How to be authentic ·How to challenged yourself ·How to avoidrepparttar dating traps ·How to stop dating by default ·How to focus your energy on your goals ·How to makerepparttar 149202 right choices ·How to date as a single parent ·How to prevent getting hurt ·How to create intimacy ·How to overcome insecurity ·How to trust your instinct

Couples: ·How to prevent relationship pitfalls ·How to manage anger or resentment ·How to focus onrepparttar 149203 positive ·How to say what you mean ·How to trust yourself ·How to ask for what you need ·How to stop beingrepparttar 149204 victim ·How to develop respect ·How to negotiate ·How to create a secure relationship ·How to create authentic intimacy ·How to built trust ·How to love without losing yourself

A good dating coach focuses on how your dating pattern spills over to every area of your life. A good relationship coach explores how your relationship defines you and influences all aspects in your life. A coach is able to uncover sabotaging behaviour and misconceptions. He or she is able to connectrepparttar 149205 dots without being judgmental. Your coach becomes a mentor who helps you to take action towards a fulfilling relationship. Based on his expertise, knowledge and passion he opens possibilities you never thought possible. Relationship coaching is for you:

·If you value yourself and your relationship ·If you want to radically improve all your relationships ·If you want to escape pain and frustration ·If you want to gainrepparttar 149206 confidence to date ·If you are open to learn new skills ·If you are committed to your own success

Coaching has helped thousand successfully find love or dramatically improve existing relationships. It will also help you! When choosing a coach, check his experience, credentials and ethics. Evaluate his passion and most importantly, trust your gut feeling. Coaching should be fun and productive; make sure you really like your coach! Isn’t it time you took care of our relationships?

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May the Budgie of Happiness Sit on Your Head

Written by Maureen Killoran

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And yet: When something knocks on your door and asks, “Can [your name] come out to play?”, remember. You can’t know if this invitation is one of many orrepparttar last one that may come your way. Life is like that.

I have a new bumper sticker that says, “Don’t Postpone Joy.” I think this is what Alice Walker had in mind when she wrote, in The Color Purple, “I think it [irritates] God when you walk byrepparttar 149159 color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it” (Those of you who rememberrepparttar 149160 book will realize I’ve tidied uprepparttar 149161 verb somewhat, although I admitrepparttar 149162 sentiment was more effective written her way!)

Joy, playfulness, doing your version of letting a budgie sit on your head – these are our human way of saying “thank you” torepparttar 149163 Universe forrepparttar 149164 gift of life – long life, short life, whatever weeks and days and years remain.

So, here’s my summer wish for you: Letrepparttar 149165 budgie of happiness sit on your head. Recognize there are consequences, but live with it. Let your motto be, "Don't Postpone Joy." May room for happiness, make time for play. Every day.

(c) Maureen Killoran, 2005

Life Coach Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin, specializes in liberating people's strengths, values & passion. Her e-workbook, "Spirit Tickling: A Workbook for Curious Souls" contains well-written articles with questions to encourage your path of personal & spiritual growth. For monthly inspiration, subscribe to Maureen's free e-zine, Seeds of Change.

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