Is A Yahoo Listing Still Worth It?

Written by Dan Thies

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How Can You Profit From The Changes At Yahoo?

The obvious answer is that you must take steps to improve your own position in Google's search results. Google's rankings are made up of many factors, butrepparttar dominant factor is "PageRank," which is based onrepparttar 128149 number and quality of incoming links from other websites.

Therefore,repparttar 128150 first step in improving your position onrepparttar 128151 Google search engine (and now Yahoo) is to improve your site's link popularity. This takes time, and trying to take shortcuts can get you into real trouble - Google doesn't like "link farms," or any program designed to artificially boost your link popularity.

Finding Quality Link Partners Through Google

Since only links from quality sites will count for much with Google, let's take a quick look at how you can find these sites. Start by targetingrepparttar 128152 sites that link to existing top-ranked sites. You can do a backward links search for any site by typing "link:" inrepparttar 128153 Google search engine.

An even faster method is to userepparttar 128154 Google toolbar (http:/, which requires Internet Explorer 5 or greater, running on Windows. Withrepparttar 128155 toolbar's advanced features enabled, you can conduct a "backward links" search fromrepparttar 128156 "Page Info" menu for any site you visit.

Since Google lists these results in descending order by "PageRank," you can quickly determinerepparttar 128157 best places to get links by doing backward links searches onrepparttar 128158 top 10-20 sites for your desired search terms, and seeking links fromrepparttar 128159 top 10-20 places that link to them.

Links Are Not Enough: Optimizing For Google

While "PageRank" isrepparttar 128160 dominant factor in Google's algorithm, it's notrepparttar 128161 only factor, and you still need to optimize your web pages. This can be a complicated topic, butrepparttar 128162 most important factors are: - Keywords inrepparttar 128163 title ofrepparttar 128164 page - Keywords in headings onrepparttar 128165 page (H1 or H2 tags), especiallyrepparttar 128166 first heading. - Keywords inrepparttar 128167 body text ofrepparttar 128168 page, particularlyrepparttar 128169 first paragraph.

Don't Complain, Act!

By some estimates, Google now controls 2/3rds ofrepparttar 128170 searches conducted onrepparttar 128171 Internet in a given day. Not only is extremely popular in its own right, but Google also controlsrepparttar 128172 search results on popular portals like AOL and - not to mention Yahoo.

A lot of website owners are complaining bitterly about this change. Allrepparttar 128173 more reason for you to take action now, while so many of your competitors are busy licking their wounds. With a little planning and effort, you could be in a dominant position on Google before they even get started.

I wish you success...

Dan Thies is the author of "Search Engine Optimization Fast Start," the ultimate beginner's guide to higher search engine rankings - available today at

Search Engine Submission

Written by Larry Poch

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AltaVista (search engine), provides its own results using a crawler to index information for its database. Paid results/listings come from Overture, while secondary results come fromrepparttar Open Directory.

AOL Search (search engine), primary and paid results both come from Google. Secondary search results are pulled ftomrepparttar 128148 Open Directory.

Ask Jeeves (search engine), paid results come from Overture with secondary results coming from Teoma. Directory results are fromrepparttar 128149 Open Directory by way of Teoma.

Google (search engine), crawler based providing its own primary and paid results. Directory results come fromrepparttar 128150 Open Directory.

LookSmart (directory), paid results are their own, secondary search results are from Inktomi.

Lycos (search engine) primary results come fromrepparttar 128151 Open Diectory, secondary results from Fast and paid results from Overture and their own fee-based submission program.

MSN Search (directory), with results coming from LookSmart. Paid results provided by Overture with secondary results from Inktomi.

Netscape Search (search engine) primary results fromrepparttar 128152 Open Directory, secondary results from Google, and paid results from Overture.

Overture (pay-per-click database service) Not actually a search engine, Overture provodesrepparttar 128153 paid search results for many ofrepparttar 128154 major search engines. Such as;

Allrepparttar 128155 Web AltaVista AskJeeves Excite iWon MSN HotBot Netscape Lycos Teoma

Open Directory (DMOZ) (directory) All content in this human-edited directory is from direct submission.

Yahoo! (directory) paid submissions from its own fee-based program and Overture. Secondary search results from Google.

For more in-depth detail on this interwoven web of search results seerepparttar 128156 following pages.

Search Engine Providers Chart

Search Engine Results Chart

Search Engine Relationship Chart PDF file format, need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.


Larry(Momp) owns Momp's Web Design and MWD News newsletter. In addition torepparttar 128157 web design service,repparttar 128158 site includes a web design reference library for webmasters.

Momp's Web Design: MWD Newsletter: Contact Momp:

Larry(Momp) owns Momp's Web Design and MWD News newsletter. In addition to the web design service, the site includes a web design reference library for webmasters.

Momp's Web Design: MWD Newsletter: Contact Momp:

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