Is ADHD a Real Disease?

Written by Joel Turtel

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Because these medical conditions can cause some or all of ADHD’s symptoms, it becomes next to impossible for any teacher, principal, or family doctor to claim with any certainty that a child has ADHD. To be certain, a doctor would have to testrepparttar child for all these other possible medical conditions. Since parents or doctors rarely do this, every diagnosis of ADHD is suspect, to sayrepparttar 150948 least.

Any of these medical conditions, normal personality variations, emotional problems, or outside-the-classroom stress-factors can disturb a child’s attention, natural enthusiasm, or desire to learn in class, and makerepparttar 150949 child exhibit symptoms of ADHD. Yet, as psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, author of "Talking Back To Ritalin," and director ofrepparttar 150950 International Center forrepparttar 150951 Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, notes, “These arerepparttar 150952 types of [normal] children who get diagnosed as suffering ADHD and who get subdued with stimulants and other medications.”

Many reputable authorities, such as Dr. Breggin, deny that ADHD,repparttar 150953 disorder for which Ritalin is most commonly prescribed, even exists. Researchers have found no valid physical evidence ofrepparttar 150954 disease or laboratory medical tests to prove it exists.

Parents, do not fall forrepparttar 150955 ADHD propaganda that public school authorities are now attempting to force on you and your children. ADHD turns out to be a bogus disease. Many public schools now use this bogus disease as a convenient excuse to "treat" normal but bored children with mind-altering drugs. I also urge you to read Dr. Breggin's book, "Talking Back To Ritalin."

Joel Turtel isrepparttar 150956 author of “Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children."

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DENTAL CARE – Who’s Afraid To Go?

Written by By Vickie J. Scanlon

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My Experience As An Adult

It took me a long time to overcome my fear of dentists. I finally found a dentist who I could talk too, and say, “Hey, this isrepparttar experience I had – this isrepparttar 150947 fear I have – can I trust you not to hurt me.” Well, my dentist understood my fears – and I’m happy to say that I felt that if he could calm my fears I could trust him with my young boys.

When To Take Your Children To The Dentist?

When do you take your children torepparttar 150948 dentist? Before they have any cavities or any other ugly problems. Take your children torepparttar 150949 dentist to have their teeth cleaned and looked at – letrepparttar 150950 comfort level build between your child and your dentist. So when there are any problems with their teeth – they knowrepparttar 150951 dentist won’t hurt them.

That is what I did for my children. I set them up with my dentist before they had any problems. I did not want them to haverepparttar 150952 same fears that I had. And it seemed to have worked.

If you don’t have dental insurance, look into discount dental insurance, such as DentalPlans – you can choose a plan that meets your budget – and in most casesrepparttar 150953 cleanings are free. You can take a look at Dental Plans at And if you have dental insurance, and you have children, give them a positive experience to remember – it will makerepparttar 150954 next visit torepparttar 150955 dentist an everyday occurrence, instead of a stressful visit to hell.

Vickie J Scanlon has a BBA degree in Administrative Management and Marketing. Visit her site at: for free tools, articles, affiliate opportunities, products and services.

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