Iron deficiency in dogs and cats

Written by Nick Carmichael

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Serum iron, iron panels (including serum iron, total iron binding capacity, transferrin and % saturation) and occasionally staining bone marrow for iron, can all be useful in investigating these cases in addition to a full blood count (which must include smear evaluation since not all cases have a low MCV and MCHC). Occult faecal blood testing, after a minimum of three days off all red meat, is useful to check for blood loss in cases where blood loss is not detectable grossly. While most non-regenerative anaemias have a poorer outlook, iron deficiency responds excellently and quickly to treatment that is aimed at stoppingrepparttar blood loss and providing oral iron supplementation. Our current crop of iron deficiency anaemia cases all appear to be doing well now that they are on treatment. For more information on iron deficiency anaemia visit

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Dog Ear Care - Keeping Your Dog's Ears Healthy & Pain Free

Written by Teresa James,

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Things You Should Know About Cleaning Your Dogís Ears

Some vets recommend that owners routinely flush their dogís ears with warm water atrepparttar slightest hint of odor. Other home dog ear care cleaning remedies include mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, or a combination of equal parts of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. If your dog has open sores it's best not to userepparttar 125819 vinegar and alcohol because it will cause a burning sensation.

If your dog is prone to ear infections you may want to use a pet ear care product that is specifically formulated to clean and dry up excess moisture inrepparttar 125820 ear canal. A dog ear wash containing Tea Tree Oil, which is also formulated to dryrepparttar 125821 ear canal is an excellent choice. Tea Tree Oilís natural antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicidal properties can help keep your dogís ears problem free.

Itís also a good idea to use a pet ear-drying agent after bathing or swimming especially if your dog's ears retain moisture and don't dry promptly. There are many good pet ear care products available for routine ear cleaning that will dissolve wax, remove foreign debris and dryrepparttar 125822 ear canal. There are also home dog care treatments available that will kill pesky ear mites and ear ticks.

A dogís ear canal is L-shaped. It descends vertically and it makes a 90-degree horizontal turn before it reachesrepparttar 125823 eardrum. Even though your dogís eardrum is better protected than a humanís, you should still proceed with caution when cleaningrepparttar 125824 ear canal. Many vets urge caution when inserting anything intorepparttar 125825 ear canal, especially cotton-tipped swabs. They can actually push dirt and foreign matter deeper intorepparttar 125826 ear if not handled properly. You can even loserepparttar 125827 cotton tip inrepparttar 125828 ear canal.

Start cleaningrepparttar 125829 external part ofrepparttar 125830 ear by swabbing insiderepparttar 125831 earflaps and all aroundrepparttar 125832 gnarled area atrepparttar 125833 entrance ofrepparttar 125834 ear canal. If you choose to use a cotton-tipped swab you will need a long type since a dogís ear canal is much deeper than ours. If your dog will tolerate it, gently and carefully swabrepparttar 125835 inside ofrepparttar 125836 ear canal. A much safer method is to fillrepparttar 125837 ear canal with a pet ear cleaning solution and gently massagerepparttar 125838 outer ear. After a few minutes allow your dog to shake his head to help clearrepparttar 125839 ear canal. If youíre using a commercial pet ear care product be sure to followrepparttar 125840 instructions carefully.

Make Ear Inspections An Important Part Of Your Home Dog Ear Care Routine

Checking your dogís ears only takes a few minutes so make it a part of your dog grooming routine. And when your dogís ears need a cleaning donít put it off. Remember regular cleanings can prevent many common ear problems. If you think a problem may be developing that is beyondrepparttar 125841 scope of your home dog ear care routine, take your dog torepparttar 125842 vet for a check up immediately. An infection, if left untreated, can be very painful for your dog and could even damage your dogís hearing.

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