Ireland's Bunratty Manor Hotel in the Heart of the Irish Shannon Region

Written by Kriss Hammond

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Family Room: Spacious Room with 1 Queen and 1 Twin Bed with Garden view, Tea/Coffee. Max Occupancy 3 Adults and 1 Child.

Handicapped Room: Spacious Garden Room with Twin Beds, Tea/Coffee. Max Occupancy 2 Adults and 1 Child.

General Information:

Located inrepparttar heart of Ireland's historic heritage village. Services/Facilities/Amenities: Bar Handicap Facilities Express Check Out Free Parking Hairdryer in Room Modem Jack Non-Smoking Room Parking Restaurant Laundry/Valet Driving Directions: Shannon Airport -SNN-: Fromrepparttar 143761 Airport takerepparttar 143762 N18 to Limerick. Takerepparttar 143763 second exit for "Bunratty". Enterrepparttar 143764 village and it isrepparttar 143765 first major building onrepparttar 143766 right. Property Location: Areas Served: Bunratty; Ennis; Limerick; Adare

Area Airports: Shannon Airport (SNN) 9KM Southwest

Nearby Attractions: Bar/Lounge Durty Nellie's Pub acrossrepparttar 143767 road.

Points of Interest: Bunratty Castle - 0 KM North Newmarket-on-Fergus - 8 KM Northwest Limerick - 12 KM Southeast Ennis - 24 KM Northwest Adare - 22 KM Southwest Lahinch - 52 KM Northwest Galway - 88 KM North Doonbeg - 41 KM Northwest Ballybunion - 104 KM Southwest Killarney - 99 KM Southwest Killaloe - 32 KM Southeast The Burren - 50 KM Northwest Ailwee Caves - 53 KM Northwest Aran Islands - 57 KM Northwest Dublin - 180 KM Northwest

Reservation Policies: Currency: EUR

Guarantee Policy: All reservations require a guarantee by a credit card. Open year around.

Cancellation Policy: All reservations must be cancelled at least 2 days prior to arrival. Late cancels cancels/no-shows are charged 1 night stay.

Kriss Hammond, Jetsetters Magazine

17 Ways to Keep Safe and Secure When Flying

Written by Michelle Annese

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9. Be Aware of Your Surroundings. When you are in an airport terminal or on an aircraft, take notice of your surroundings, and those around you. Especially, if activities or situations don’t appear to be ofrepparttar norm.

10. Report Strange or Odd Activity. If you see anything inrepparttar 143714 airport or on an aircraft that looks out of place, unfitting and unusual behavior or potential security violations, inform either a law enforcement representative or security personnel.

11. Have No Bias Aboutrepparttar 143715 Who May Pose a Threat. If someone is intent on perpetrating violent acts againstrepparttar 143716 air transport system, that person can be of any gender, age, or nationality. You should not presume any specific type of person is likely to do damage based on outward appearances.

12. Keep Away from Suspicious Circumstances. If you are exposed to a potential risk inrepparttar 143717 airport, move away fromrepparttar 143718 situation before contacting someone in authority. If necessary, inform others inrepparttar 143719 vicinity. Examples of these are; unaccompanied packages, suspicious behavior, or an unusual disturbance.

13. Leave Your Seat Belt Fastened While in Flight. When you are seated, keep your safety belt securely fastened through your flight will provide extra protection ifrepparttar 143720 plane is in unexpected turbulence.

14. Focus on Whatrepparttar 143721 Flight Attendants Are Saying. The number one reason flight attendants are on an aircraft is for safety, so if there is any kind of emergency or potential crisis situation, look torepparttar 143722 flight attendants for help and assistance.

15. Rememberrepparttar 143723 Basic Rules for Wireless Devices. Inrepparttar 143724 U.S., cell phones, pagers, and other wireless communications devices may be used untilrepparttar 143725 passenger entry doors are closed prior to takeoff. Do not use these devices for routine communications untilrepparttar 143726 passenger doors are opened atrepparttar 143727 end ofrepparttar 143728 flight. Rules vary aroundrepparttar 143729 world, so check with your airline.

16. Emergency Use of a Wireless Device. Inrepparttar 143730 event of an in-flight emergency, you should take stock ofrepparttar 143731 situation before using any communications device, includingrepparttar 143732 aircraft's seatback telephones. If a situation calls for it, use your cell phone or other personal to contact help. Inrepparttar 143733 U.S., a helpful number to call isrepparttar 143734 FBI at 1-866-483-5137. If you are a flight attendant or other airline employee, contact an appropriate office or department ofrepparttar 143735 airline.

17. Work Together. If circumstances on an aircraft haverepparttar 143736 potential for danger, it is usually better to share information and work together with crew members and other passengers.

By takingrepparttar 143737 necessary precautions when you fly, you can travel with a piece-of-mind and have your security on ‘high alert’ and ready for anything.

Michelle Annese is a 3rd degree black belt with 15+ years experience teaching self defense and safety for women and children. She is a World Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee for Achievement and creator of The Realtor Survival Guide, Protection for Women, and The SafeGuard System for Kids. For more information on how to protect yourself and your family go to to get her free weekly safety tips e-newsletter.

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