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Written by krishnan.c

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There may be only one in thousand thatrepparttar success may come in a single effort.But let us talk aboutrepparttar 138264 practical happening.

We must all aware thatrepparttar 138265 success got in one single effort will have only a short span of life.Because getting success without any strain or struggle cannot last long.

You may not haverepparttar 138266 chances of learning lessons and techniques to refine your self or inrepparttar 138267 field of profession you relate when you got your success in a single instance.

The success you get after prolonged efforts,strains,experiences will alone last for ever.

It is permanent.

It teaches you lesson,knowledge,techniques,etc

You will gain Himalayan strength,knowledge,tehniques etc.,and you will haverepparttar 138268 power to keep up that success.

Experiences are nothing but failures.You can get these experiences only out of your failures.There is no other ways and means in this world to get these experiences.

Evenrepparttar 138269 world best teacher cannot teach you,what an experience teaches you.

Everybody should be lucky enough to get failures.You should not panic aboutrepparttar 138270 failure.

You must get rid ofrepparttar 138271 fear of failures.

You should think that failure is your well wisher.

When you get rid ofrepparttar 138272 fear of failuresrepparttar 138273 "success" will be ready to accompany you for your journey towardsrepparttar 138274 peak.

Atrepparttar 138275 same time if a person who got his/her success in a single effort,h/she cannot tolerate even a single failure.

H/she will be soon vanished fromrepparttar 138276 scene after that single failure.H/she won't haverepparttar 138277 courage to adjust him/herself for that single failure.

Butrepparttar 138278 person who wants to climbrepparttar 138279 peak of success never mind aboutrepparttar 138280 failures,abuses,while passing through that journey.His/her only aim will be to clinchrepparttar 138281 victory atrepparttar 138282 peak.

Only failures can create so many geniuses in this world.When that genius reveals his/her failures torepparttar 138283 world,those failures inspire and attract so many souls and create so many geniuses in this world.

Failure and success are law of nature.

It is H/She picturiserepparttar 138284 failure as undesirable and success as desirable.

But failure should be picturised as desirable with due respect because it teach us many lessons even a world best university cannot teach.

So let us invite failure,get rid ofrepparttar 138285 fear of failure,think failure as our friend,march towardsrepparttar 138286 peak of success till we clinchrepparttar 138287 victory withrepparttar 138288 lesson we learned out of failures. krishnan.c author.

Author Bio: Krishnan.c 48 years old,was formerly senior official in a State Govt.Corporation in India.

His articles are being published in many internet sites.

He is also conducting an emagazine "All for your success" at

Recently he has released his ebook "you can succeed".

5 Tips to get out there and smell the roses….

Written by Claire Chapman

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3. Sharerepparttar feeling with someone important to you…

It may be that you enjoyrepparttar 138258 time on your own, and this is what makes it special. If you do, make sure that you give yourself permission to enjoy that time – it’s yours and you have earned it! Sometimes though, spending time with someone close to you, or even just sharing how great a time you had, and what it meant to you, makesrepparttar 138259 experience even more important. Who would you like to share this with? What is stopping you calling them?

4. Bring beauty into your home…

You can continue to enjoyrepparttar 138260 summer at home, in whatever way feels right for you. Maybe there are some summer colours you can bring into your home, or some fresh flowers to remind you ofrepparttar 138261 walk that you took, or even spending some time in your garden to revitalise that space. Your home is your sanctuary – does yours feel like that? What actions do you need to take for this to happen? Sitting inrepparttar 138262 garden, with a glass of something refreshing and a good book…whatever works for you!

5. Celebrate with gratitude…

It’s important to take some time to balance in our lives. Take some time each day to celebraterepparttar 138263 things in your life, and your surroundings. What have you done and seen today that you are grateful for? Who has made a difference to your life today? Have you told them? Here are some of my favourites…the bluebells inrepparttar 138264 woods,repparttar 138265 sun shining as I am driving,repparttar 138266 smell of newly cut grass, andrepparttar 138267 time spent out walking with a friend…

Claire Chapman is the director of The Fabulous Coaching Company, and through the power of coaching helps professional women live lives that are meaningful and congruent with their values. To find out more or to book an initial no obligation consultation email, or call 01949 837247. For more information on The Fabulous Coaching Company you can also view

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