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Written by jim Peters

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Now perform that same search using medicine and database.

Now we look atrepparttar search string "medicine and database. First you'll notice thatrepparttar 128330 search e-source tells us that our "and" is not necessary (see article "Search withrepparttar 128331 power of Boolean operators" inrepparttar 128332 OU Interactive Library)

We have returned 1,390,000 results. (More than 16 million less thanrepparttar 128333 above search) Not only have we eliminated many millions of useless data references, but we have produced a much narrower search field with highly pertinent information to be found inrepparttar 128334 hundreds of databases we are now able to peruse.

This type of searching will produce highly targeted results without having to dig through millions of rag tag commercial sites, message boards and discussion lists. You'll generally find that these results come without all of heavy graphics and hype you'll fine with a wider search method.

"Your Success Is Our Success"


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Identify your Target Market by Tracking and Exploiting Profitable Search Engine Keyword Phrases.

Written by Jhonny Papas

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Stop targetingrepparttar wrong keywords to promote your web site on search engines. There's a powerful keyword researching tool which is very accurate and immensely crucial for your online business.

Did you know thatrepparttar 128329 "most popular keywords" arerepparttar 128330 ones that are will drain your budget on pay-per-click search engines? It is a statistical fact that popular searches are conducted by "freebie" hunters and accrue too much competition.

Here's where "Word Tracker" comes in to automate your researches forrepparttar 128331 most profitable keywords. You can use this tool to optimize your web site, discover "new buying trends" and even outperform your competition onrepparttar 128332 search engines.

Hint: Don't rely on Overture's keyword researching tool. It's often too bamboozled.

Here'srepparttar 128333 URL for Word Tracker : http:/

If you were asked to describe your product with just one word, that wouldn't be feasible of course. A "description" is always constituted by a phrase and that's where your most profitable keywords originate (from a multi-word phrase). Onrepparttar 128334 contrary a single word cannot describe a product or service.

For instance, if you were offering "car quotes" this keyword-phrase would characterize your online business (not just "cars", or "quotes" - but "car quotes", or "new car quotes"...etc).

Recappingrepparttar 128335 entire methodology to leverage your productivity and ROI (Return On Investment):

* Use Referral Tracking Software to Target your Customers Create a Database and match Referrer Sales Information withrepparttar 128336 correlated keywords to Optimize your Advertising Campaigns.

* Automate your researches with keyword metrical tools (like Word Tracker).

* Improve your sales copy and literature by succumbing emphasis onrepparttar 128337 most profitable keyword phrases entered in search engines by your customers.

Once you start implementingrepparttar 128338 "exposed" methodology you'll start harnessing biggest "bangs" on your advertising dollars... better ROI and high conversion ratios. More targeted traffic and highly-optimized marketing campaigns.

You can even match your optimum keywords with demographic variables using sophisticated databases. The Internet is fairly considered an "Unrivaled Weapon" in every marketing arsenal. Use it wisely and watch your customer base skyrocket!

Jhonny Papas is the author of http://www.Traffic-Engine.NET and eCommerce Analyst.

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