Investing in New Zealand - Learn how to Find Unique Investment Opportunities

Written by Ofer Shoshani

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Some people may not be aware ofrepparttar potential of New Zealand – after all, this seemingly sleepy island is sometimes referred to as a suburb torepparttar 149477 rest ofrepparttar 149478 world. But ifrepparttar 149479 potential for investment of New Zealand is overlooked, it’s a serious mistake. New Zealand offers a secure and inviting business environment. International investors are given an opportunity to invest in highly specialized industries, such as information and communications technology, wood processing, biotechnology, niche manufacturing, call centers, and screen production. With a highly educated work force, and a welcoming corporate tax rate of 33% and either little or no capital gains tax, New Zealand offersrepparttar 149480 perfect platform for business investments.

New Zealand has a proven track record for international investors – Australian investors have invested nearly 20 billion NDZ,repparttar 149481 United Kingdom 7.3 billion NDZ, andrepparttar 149482 US 5.6 billion NDZ in New Zealand business. New Zealand’s efficient, market based economy makes business investment in New Zealand straight-forward and efficient. New Zealand offers a positive environment for international investors, giving them an opportunity to position themselves in innovative, high value research and development. In fact, New Zealand offers 100% deductibility for research and development expenses.

New Zealand government is highly supportive of international investment inrepparttar 149483 New Zealand economy and is actively working to create investment opportunities throughout New Zealand.

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5 ways to use your Business Cards more effectively

Written by Brandon Hopkins

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Since most of us are not in a need based business we have to get our potential clients a reason to remember us and keep our cards.

Why does someone want your business card? If you cannot answer that easily, maybe it is time to think about a new business card design.

Does your business card have valuable information on it? By valuable I mean a map, discount, calendar, measurements, charts or anything relevant to your industry?

If it doesn't, you may want to think about adding a value feature to your business card.

4. Leave them where you spend your money

Just last night I went to eat at a Mexican restaurant, and sitting onrepparttar counter I saw about 30 cards for a car salesman sitting in a plastic business card holder. I askedrepparttar 149435 girl atrepparttar 149436 counter why they were there and she said "He said he was going to leave them for customers."

This is just one example of somewhere you could leave your business cards. Other places include barber or beauty shops, medical offices including dentists, family medicine, chiropractors, and hospitals.

These places are prime territory!

Remember to ask if they mind, and tell they how much you appreciate it.

5. Ask for an opinion

"Can I ask you a quick question? What do you think of my new business card design?" Then you hand them a business card.

No matter what they say, now they have your business card. When they try to hand it back, tell them you had thousands printed, and they can have that one.

Thank them for their time and tell them if they ever need what you sell or promote, your contact information is onrepparttar 149437 card.

If you were able to implement just one of these 5 ideas each day, you would have more business that you could handle!

Brandon Hopkins is the owner and founder of Business Cards Free, the most informative business card site on the internet. He is available for speaking engagements, article writing and business card advice. He may be contacted through his website at

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