Investing and Learning How to Lose

Written by Ioannis - Evangelos (Akis) C. Haramis

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Yet, when most people start trading,repparttar only thing they think about isrepparttar 150492 profit objective. Countless hours are spent on discovering how to buy and sellrepparttar 150493 market with unwavering accuracy. Once they buy a market,repparttar 150494 amateur trader only thinks about how high isrepparttar 150495 market going to go. Little effort is put into considering how lowrepparttar 150496 market could go, and where they should get out in order to control their losses.

These thoughts, which are so distant fromrepparttar 150497 minds of most traders, are what separaterepparttar 150498 winners fromrepparttar 150499 losers.

Risk management isrepparttar 150500 practice of determining what percentage of your account to risk for each and every trade in order to maximizerepparttar 150501 expected profit potential of your trading strategy.

Once this amount is determined, this percentage must be translated into an absolute value and stop loss orders must be placed once a trade is entered in order to control potential losses at this value.

There is no guarantee that such efforts will control your losses, sincerepparttar 150502 market can gap in price beyond your stop loss order, resulting in losses greater than planned.

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Purchase Your First Home with Confidence

Written by Neda Dabestani-Ryba

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Mortgage payment--Fear of being rejected for a home loan is one ofrepparttar main concerns for first-time homebuyers. To lessenrepparttar 150450 stress, you may want to get pre-approved for a loan before looking at prospective homes. This will not only help you feel more confident, it will also give you an advantage where there are multiple offers for a specific property. In addition,repparttar 150451 fact that your loan has already been approved is of great value torepparttar 150452 seller because it shortensrepparttar 150453 purchase process, and there is less of a chance thatrepparttar 150454 buyer will back out ofrepparttar 150455 sale. If you donít have a specific mortgage lender in mind, ask your sales professional for a recommendation. Down payment--The down payment amount varies depending onrepparttar 150456 value ofrepparttar 150457 home you choose and your mortgage lender. And in some cases, first-time homebuyers can purchase a home with no money down. Although it varies from state to state, most offer government-funded programs for first-time buyers that help people buy a home with no down payment. Your real estate professional will be able to explainrepparttar 150458 different options available to you. Making offers--Don't feel pressured into making an offer onrepparttar 150459 first home you see. This is a common mistake of many first-time homebuyers. Make sure you view different homes to get a feel forrepparttar 150460 marketplace. When you decide on a home to make a bid on, work with your real estate professional to get all of your questions answered before making an offer. But don't wait too long to make an offer. The longer you wait,repparttar 150461 greaterrepparttar 150462 chance other prospective buyers may place offers, making it harder for you to negotiate a good deal. Above all, remember there are no silly questions. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with every aspect ofrepparttar 150463 transaction. Your real estate professional can be an invaluable asset in helping you make educated decisions so that your first home purchase is a rewarding experience.

Neda Dabestani-Ryba is a licensed Realtor in Maryland. She is a member of the President's Circle of Top Real Estate Professionals. She can be reached at (800) 536-3806 or visit her website for more information: Prudential Carruthers REALTORS is an independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., a Prudential Financial company. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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