Invest in a SURE THING

Written by Holly Cotter

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So, what can you invest in that is guaranteed to provide a good return for your money?


That's right. Invest in YOU.

Start a home business. Invest enough capital into it to allow it to grow. Invest enough of your own effort into it to make it turn a profit.

Right now -- with company layoffs,repparttar DOW dropping every day, and corporations going bankrupt left and right -- you need to TAKE CONTROL.

The stock market is out of your control. However, building a successful home business is in YOUR control.

And, what's more exciting is...once you passrepparttar 117474 learning curve on building your business, you will be able to earn MORE, FASTER fromrepparttar 117475 same money when you invest it in your own business rather than investing it in someone else's business throughrepparttar 117476 stock market.


Because YOU have control overrepparttar 117477 growth of that money! YOU arerepparttar 117478 boss, and YOUR efforts will determinerepparttar 117479 profit you make from your investment.

The same $100 you would have put into a mutual fund that, in a good economy, would provide you with an average 10-percent (or $10) return a year can provide you with a MINIMUM of a 10-percent (or $10) return a DAY once your business picks up momentum.

And, if you give it all you've got, you'll be investing in a "Sure Thing."

YOU arerepparttar 117480 best investment you can make...stop living in fear of having someone ELSE take everything away from you. By focusing on building a home business, you can take control over your financial future.

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Does my business need a Toll Free Number?

Written by Alyice Edrich

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Do you have a business that requires more contact with your clients? Say to customize a product or service, based on your client's needs? Speaking to that client one-on-one leaves little room for mistakes and misinterpretations.

Do you have a business where you are constantly away fromrepparttar desk? Having a cell phone is a great idea to stay in touch with your clients, but what if most of your clients are out of state? Having a forwardable toll free number directed to your cell phone means that you never lose another business call.

If you have employees, such as salespeople, do they call you collect or use a calling card? What happens when those calling cards run out or they don't have any change? They have to check in by calling collect, don't they? Over time, having a toll free number can save your company big bucks.

If you decide that a toll free number is best for your business, there are several options you can choose:

Order a T-1 line from your local phone company -- you have to have a traditional brick and mortar business for this and it can be very costly.

Order a "Stand Alone" Toll Free Number -- you can use your "fixed" phone line and have a toll free number forwarded or redirected to that number. Your clients and customers never have to know that you did this.

Order a "Forwardable" Toll Free Number -- you can have your toll free number moved as often as you like. Forward it to your home phone, office phone, cell phone, hotel room, or wherever else you may be. This isrepparttar 117473 ultimate option for home businesses and businesses onrepparttar 117474 go.

The most important thing to remember, is that every business can use a little help. If you feel that a toll free number can help your business, order one today.

Make sure thatrepparttar 117475 toll free number you order is one that you like, as you will be putting that number on all your business and promotional materials, as well as your website. (This really refers to Vanity numbers, like 1800 CALL ATT.)

And finally, make sure that you can squeeze that number into your business budget.

Alyice Edrich is a freelance writer specializing in helping busy parents balance life. Visit her online for free information on how she can help you succeed, today.

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