Inventor Patents Alternative to The Soft Walls Project

Written by Ron Scott

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“The problem withrepparttar ‘soft walls’ concept, according to Koncelik, is that it does not protect all US airspace. Instead, it focuses on protecting ‘high value, static targets’. As a consequence,repparttar 142724 vast majority ofrepparttar 142725 nation’s population as well as on and off shore assets will remain at risk.”

Koncelik insists that there is also a far simpler solution torepparttar 142726 threat terrorism poses. Using GPS technologies, his patent provides for a pilot override that could easily interfaced with existing pilot control boxes that when activated allows tracking aircraft and/or ground controllers to assume control ofrepparttar 142727 aircraft. "Remotely piloted vehicles have been around for years," Koncelik says, "so it isn’t like my patent requires a great deal of endless research. All we need to do is integrate existing technologies withrepparttar 142728 pilot override system I’ve patented."

Koncelik’s patent is one of five he currently holds. It can be viewed onrepparttar 142729 United States Patent and Trademark Office’s web site ( Just type his first and last name intorepparttar 142730 “Term 1" and “Term 2" fields and click on “Search”. To learn more about The Soft Walls Project visit .

The author, Ron Scott, is a seasoned internet publicist who provides affordable public relationsservices to local, regional, national and international businesses.

The A's Have it

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The anthropologists as a whole are more open-minded despite having made many judgement errors that conventional thinking andrepparttar funding process have contributed to in a big way. We are constantly findingrepparttar 142296 facts and opinions of what academia calls mavericks are able to enlightenrepparttar 142297 past in all disciplines of anthropology and archaeology. Gimbutas and Campbell have followed a long line of independent thought from Humboldt and Hawkes through Petrie and Marshack. Inrepparttar 142298 end they have brought mythology torepparttar 142299 foreground throughrepparttar 142300 use of techniques likerepparttar 142301 space photos and now we have solid state chemistry and genetics to blaze new trails. There is still a lot of small-minded provincial 'pissing-contests' betweenrepparttar 142302 differing disciplines but there are a lot of exciting things being achieved. The cases of researchers spending up to twenty years working and living with natives, who tell them what they want to hear because they are gracious and kind, are numerous. (6) The value systems of our researchers who want to position themselves andrepparttar 142303 Euro-Centric financial backers as more civilized are rife inrepparttar 142304 annals of what some say is far from a science.

When a native group being held under academic scrutiny and subject to logical linear mindsets actually is able to educaterepparttar 142305 'experts' about their culture it isrepparttar 142306 exception. Often such things are not funded becauserepparttar 142307 data doesn't 'fit'repparttar 142308 prevailing literature. Carlos Castaneda was an anthropologist from UCLA who made a major breakthrough on his own. Even his debunkers have to admit he has brought a great deal of insight torepparttar 142309 field as a whole. Dr. Wayne Dyer owes a great deal ofrepparttar 142310 thought involved in his 'You'll See it, When You Believe It!' torepparttar 142311 work of Carlos Castaneda and his Toltec mentor Don Juan. It is possible that all of our research into human behavior has more to learn than we think we already know. That might mean we are wrong about many key things. One ofrepparttar 142312 most obvious things that our cultural bias foists uponrepparttar 142313 data isrepparttar 142314 relative importance we place on intellect rather than spirit.

A wise man knows he is a fool, a fool thinks he is a wise man.

Fitting all facts with wisdom requires thinking with all faculties and avoiding appeals to teachers or other authority.

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