Inventions, Patents and Profit

Written by Clyde Knight Jr

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To see how these companies userepparttar law to their advantage point your browser at There you will find which submission promotion companies are listed. In addition,repparttar 108390 type of fraud they used on various inventors.

Many invention resource websites fail to explain that your invention may not be feasible, plausible or even marketable and that to pay for a patent application when your idea will not bring a profit may be an expense that you simply cannot afford. Additionally, they usually do not explain in a logical and clear mannerrepparttar 108391 facts needed forrepparttar 108392 inventor to make an informed decision. They do not explainrepparttar 108393 facts gleaned from an objective and complete explanation ofrepparttar 108394 cost and profit probability ratios - that is -repparttar 108395 money that you spend to patent your idea vs.repparttar 108396 probability of making a profit from your patent.

I have researched and have pain stakingly explained torepparttar 108397 average inventor how to userepparttar 108398 law to protect their invention with out having to disclose to a third party where their invention in all probability is most likely to be stolen. I also explainrepparttar 108399 myths, cost and profit probability ratios of spending $3,500 - $10,000 or more, when such an expense may not be in their best interest.

Our service is tailored for people who do not have or cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a patent. I explain that to spend this kind of money does not necessarily giverepparttar 108400 protection desired and that it does not guarantee profit. At Knite Enterprises, we takerepparttar 108401 inventors creativity and their right to claim it very seriously. We assistrepparttar 108402 inventing industry by takingrepparttar 108403 confusion out ofrepparttar 108404 notion of claiming your invention and by making our services available to those of us who may have creative talent but are confused and discouraged from moving forward by financial constraints and responsibilities. To see what we are all about please visit us on line at:

Clyde Knight Jr is the founder of Knite Enterprises LLC. He started this online business in 1998. Knite Enterprises LLC recognizes the many problems that new inventors face when deciding on how to protect their ideas. Knite Enterprises LLC answers many of these questions and explains the advantages and disadvantages of traditional IP Protection.

Finding HOT, Non-Internet Marketing Topics For Your eBooks

Written by Jeff Smith

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You would have roughly doublerepparttar demand, approximately 80% less supply and a 35 clicks more per dollar than Internet Marketing, and over 60 more clicks than Online Marketing.

Bottom line is...Capitalize on Opportunity Filled Niches

There are hundreds upon hundreds of other niche markets with little competition, cost effective traffic and eager customers that you have a much greater probability of getting to.

I have been spending significant time capitalizing on these niche markets overrepparttar 108389 last 6-months.

Here's How To Find Hot Niche Markets

Pay attention to what's around you.

Take notice of what books, magazines, media are popular.

What isrepparttar 108390 latest demand for cookbooks, health, business, exercise, self-help, pets, travel, etc...

Plug those topics into a keyword search tool - I always use Adword Analyzer ( as it gives you supply, demand as well as keyword popularity.

No time to research?

You can try a powerful new program created by respected online professionals Jimmy D Brown and Ryan Deiss - called Nicheology

This site does allrepparttar 108391 hard work for you - gives you profiles of RED HOT niche markets, several products you can re-package as you like and tons of support creating wealth with niche marketing.

A terrific way to get started is to setup a mini-site, write some articles, create 4-5 product categories and find affiliate products to test out different ideas.

Make sure you collect opt-in subscribers by creating a brief minicourse or automated newsletter. This will quickly give you a market you can survey and discover new product opportunities.

This is a perfect system because you can get started within days, begin earning profit very quickly, start building content to attract search engines and bundle into future products, allrepparttar 108392 while learning about your target market - identifying new product and service opportunities.

Jeff Smith is dedicated to helping you turn your knowledge into highly desirable, hot selling information-based products (eBooks, booklets, seminars, courses, etc...) Through his highly acclaimed site: you will find exactly what it takes to create and market high-profit infoproducts.

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