Invented Spelling --- Another Alice-in-Wonderland Public-School Theory

Written by Joel Turtel

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Not only is this child’s spelling atrocious andrepparttar teacher’s “Wow” grade damaging torepparttar 145646 child, butrepparttar 145647 lesson itself is insidious. Should teachers be giving writing assignments to children about how and why they should run away from home?

Spelling affects people’s lives. A person who doesn’t spell words correctly can’t communicate effectively with employees, supervisors, customers, patients, clients, business associates, contractors, or parents. He or she can’t be sure ofrepparttar 145648 exact meaning of misspelled words in a contract, mortgage, medical consent form, or other crucial documents or instructions.

Invented spelling also makes a bad impression on employers and college admissions officers. Yet many public schools no longer think spelling is important enough to spend time on duringrepparttar 145649 school day.

Parents, invented spelling is yet another reason why you should seriously consider taking your children out of public school and looking for better education alternatives elsewhere.

The Resources section in "Public Schools, Public Menace" describes many low-cost, quality education alternatives you can take advantage of right now.

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Do It Yourself Divorce Forms

Written by Sara Jenkins

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Do It Yourself Divorce Forms are very easy to be filled and they generally keeprepparttar divorce process fairly simple. If you think a Do It Yourself Divorce would be appropriate in your situation, askrepparttar 145643 family Court Clerk in your jurisdiction for a specific list of documents, which are required for your District. You can then getrepparttar 145644 State Do It Yourself Divorce Form from any office supply store. Once you have allrepparttar 145645 forms, plan out filling up your Do It Yourself Divorce Forms carefully.

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