Introduction to Plant Grow Chambers

Written by Kirk Gordon

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Benefits of using a grow chamber 1. Self-contained 2. Energy efficient 3. Ventilation 4. Reflective interior maximizing light intensity and illumination 5. * Co2 6. Grow continuously (replace harvested plants with clones) 7. Eliminate odors 8. Humidity control

Additional notes: Overall grow chambers are an effective and efficient way to grow plants in a small self-contained area of your home. However, it's not recommended for people growing tall plants. Becauserepparttar grow area is constricted to a specific height, plants that exceedrepparttar 148015 height ofrepparttar 148016 system will possibly burn onrepparttar 148017 lamp, bend and block other plants from receiving light.

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Water Wall Units Explained

Written by Danielle Dickinson

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This unit projectsrepparttar water out fromrepparttar 147725 wall in a clear and even arc, re-enteringrepparttar 147726 water approximately 200mm away fromrepparttar 147727 wall providing a dramatic, lively effect. This involvesrepparttar 147728 senses and proves difficult for evenrepparttar 147729 most staid personality to resistrepparttar 147730 urge to reach out and play withrepparttar 147731 curtain of water produced by this unit. Further enrichment is accomplished withrepparttar 147732 use of lighting at night. A simple submersible spotlight positioned underrepparttar 147733 curtain of water is all that is required.


This unit should not be installed any higher than 1.2m above repparttar 147734 surface ofrepparttar 147735 water inrepparttar 147736 catchment reservoir. The water will begin to break up if installed any higher. A high-flow projecting waterfall is available which may be installed up to 2.0m high (please enquire).

Flow Requirement

This unit requires approximately 7200 litres per hour per metre width. This should produce a film of water approximately 5mm thick. Some adjustment in flow is achievable withrepparttar 147737 use of an inline value. See examples 1 & 2 for further explanation.

Catchment Reservoir

Rectangular Statue ponds are recommended for use with a Projecting Water Wall asrepparttar 147738 catchment reservoir needs to protrude at least 500mm fromrepparttar 147739 wall to avoid losing too much water from splash.


The pump required is governed byrepparttar 147740 flow requirement and head height (ie. ie.repparttar 147741 height at whichrepparttar 147742 waterfall is installed aboverepparttar 147743 surface ofrepparttar 147744 water inrepparttar 147745 catchment reservoir).

Example 1:- Installing a 1.0m Projecting Water Wall at a head height of 1.0m

This unit has a flow requirement of 7200 litres per hour (7200 (litres) x 1 (metre)) therefore requires a pump that will supply 7200 lph at 1.0m high. Check pump performance charts to find a pump that will supply this flow atrepparttar 147746 required height. In this example a Seerose UP150 will push 7740 lph at 1.0m high and is therefore suitable. Example 2:- Installing a 0.8m Projecting Water Wall at a head height of 0.5m

This unit has a flow requirement of 5760 litres per hour (7200 (litres) x 0.8 (metres)) therefore requires a pump that will supply 5760 litres at 0.5m high. Check pump performance charts to find a pump that will supply this flow atrepparttar 147747 required height. In this example a Seerose UP120 Fountain Pump will push 6840 lph at 0.5m high and is therefore suitable. TIP It is always better to ‘oversize’repparttar 147748 pump rather than to purchase a pump that will only just suit. Allowances need to be made for loss of flow through tubing and fittings. It is far more practical to buy a pump larger than required and restrictrepparttar 147749 output buy a valve, as it is impossible to get more performance thanrepparttar 147750 maximum specified on any particular pump.

Danielle Dickinson is an avid water feature enthusiast. She is a regular contributor to Gardening Magazines. Visit her website for more information on building and maintaining any type of Water Feature as well as a huge range of water gardening products.

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