Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Written by Maurice Bandcroft

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There are currently hundreds of thousands of Affiliate programs available, ranging from corporate sites such as Wal-mart to individual entrepreneurs promoting a single publication, and new competition is arriving daily. To help find complimentary Affiliate programs for your website or general information purposes, several free directories such as Associate Programs at and Refer-it at maintain ongoing catalogues of new, existing and deleted affiliate programs.

These directory sites also contain a wealth of affiliate information, proven marketing tips and techniques, consumer ratings of programs and links to supportive software. The Associate Programs directory has links to thousands of archived and informative articles and includes a popular bi-monthly newsletter that includesrepparttar latest affiliate news and global success stories.

The Refer-it site ranks thousands of listed affiliate programs with a four star rating, that is extremely accurate concerningrepparttar 102507 reliability and integrity of each affiliate program offered.

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Allrepparttar 102509 information is free, andrepparttar 102510 expert advice can be applied to any affiliate program.

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Maurice Bandcroft is a small business marketing and promotion specialist. Subscribe to his 123 Site Promotion Newsletter at and discover how to increase your monthly site traffic and revenue utilizing free resources, reciprocal linking, barter and other financial leverage alternatives. Discover thinking out of the box revenue generating methods that any webmaster can use.

6 Tips For ... Creating Habits Of Highly Successful Webmasters

Written by Anthony Farrell

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5. Model Successful People or Successful Businesses: This will help accelerate your success by avoidingrepparttar mistakes made byrepparttar 102506 people or businesses that failed. So, learn from other people's mistakes, as well as your own.

6. Take Action! This has got to berepparttar 102507 most difficult "habit" of all. If taking action were easy, you would already be wealthy, healthy, and wise. As I said earlier, we all have plans, but, we don't always takerepparttar 102508 action necessary to implement those plans. Therefore, our goals are never achieved. YOUR INABILITY TO TAKE ACTION IS THE PROBLEM!

Chances are you are currently working for someone else at this time. When you are working for someone else, you are not really in control. By working for someone else, you don't haverepparttar 102509 freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. As an employee, you get paid hourly or a salary.... but if you stop working, you stop getting paid.

What you really want isrepparttar 102510 ability to make money while you are sleeping, taking time off, or even on vacation for a month. The only way this is possible is if you own your own business. If you have a business, then develop these six habits of highly successful webmasters and you'll be well on your way to success.

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