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JavaScript - This is a scripting language which is interpreted and executed byrepparttar browser. It is very useful for getting tasks done onrepparttar 133596 client, such as moving pictures aroundrepparttar 133597 screen, creating very dynamic navigation systems and even games. JavaScript is generally preferable on internet sites because it is supported on more browsers than VBScript, which isrepparttar 133598 chief competitor.

Office - The Microsoft Office suite includes a number of tools, including Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint. Each of these tools hasrepparttar 133599 ability to save in HTML format and has special commands forrepparttar 133600 internet. This is especially useful, for example, if you work in an office where people are trained in Excel and you don't want to retrain them to create web pages. Onrepparttar 133601 other hand, if you are creating internet web sites (as opposed to intranet sites) you probably would be better off using web specific products to edit your web pages.

Perl - A great scripting language which makes use ofrepparttar 133602 CGI standard to allow work to be done onrepparttar 133603 web server. PERL is very easy to learn (as programming languages go) and straightforward to use. It is most useful for guestbooks, email forms and other similar, simply tasks. PERL's primary disadvantage isrepparttar 133604 overhead onrepparttar 133605 server is very high, as one process is created each time a routine is called, andrepparttar 133606 language is interpreted, which meansrepparttar 133607 code is recompiled each time it is run. For complex tasks, a server-side scripting language such as PHP or ASP is much preferred.

PHP - This language is, like ASP, used to get work done onrepparttar 133608 server. PHP is similar in concept to ASP and can be used in similar circumstances. PHP is very efficient, allows access to databases using products such as MySQL, and can be used to create very dynamic web pages.

SSI - If your site is hosted on a typical Apache server, then you probably can use something called Server Side Includes. This is a way to getrepparttar 133609 web server to perform tasks before displaying a web page. One ofrepparttar 133610 most common uses us to, well, include common text. This is great when you have, for example, a navigation system which is common to all of your pages. You can make one change in an SSI file and thus change your entire web site.

SSI is very common but has really been superceded by languages such as PHP. The overhead of SSI onrepparttar 133611 server is high as each page is scanned for SSI directives before passing it torepparttar 133612 browser.

VBScript - Visual Basic Scripting was Microsoft's answer to JavaScript. VBScript is a good tool for any site which is intended to be only displayed byrepparttar 133613 Internet Explorer browser. In my opinion, VBScript should never be used on a web site - JavaScript is preferable due to a wider acceptance among browsers.

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Written by Richard Lowe

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By using FTP, you have an automatic backup - If you use FTP you will be editing your files locally on your own computer. As you make changes you will copyrepparttar files up to your host's computer. This means no matter what happens to your host, even if their computer is totally destroyed, you've got a copy of your site on your own disk. The reverse is also true - if your computer is trashed you can recover your site from your host's system.

FTP gives you control - You can choose whether to transfer in binary (executables and compressed files) or ASCII (text files) as needed. This is an advantage over FrontPage, which does not give yourepparttar 133595 choice. This means you cannot use FrontPage to upload your site if you use, for example, CGI routines.

Some good FTP projects includerepparttar 133596 following.

AceFTP -

This FTP client hasrepparttar 133597 ability to do multiple tasks atrepparttar 133598 same time. This means you can start a long copy, look atrepparttar 133599 site and copy some smaller files all atrepparttar 133600 same time.

AutoFTPPro -

Hasrepparttar 133601 ability to schedule transfers for selected times. The template feature allows you to create a pattern which can make future transfers much easier.

CuteFTP -

This isrepparttar 133602 product that I like to use. It is very easy to use, with a simple interface that allows drag and drop.

KnoWare, Inc -

Several different FTP clients. FtpNetdrive maps an FTP site as a drive letter, which integrates it directly into your desktop. Internet Neighborhood addsrepparttar 133603 FTP site directly to your network neighborhood. These are both very nice products.

WebDrive -

WebDrive is a Windows 95/98/NT FTP software client that allows you to map an Internet FTP site to a local drive utilizingrepparttar 133604 standard FTP protocol. This enables you to connect to an FTP site and perform familiar file operations like copy, xcopy, and directory functions withrepparttar 133605 Windows explorer, a DOS box, or any other application like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. WebDrive instantly FTP enables any application that reads or writes files by allowingrepparttar 133606 application to read files from or write files to repparttar 133607 FTP site.


Another very nice FTP client with scheduling, speed and integration intorepparttar 133608 browser. This allows you to enter ftp:// in repparttar 133609 address bar ofrepparttar 133610 browser to call uprepparttar 133611 program.

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