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repparttar Internet for communicating withrepparttar 107795 outside world, for gathering information, and for doing business. It didn't take long for people to recognize thatrepparttar 107796 components that worked so well onrepparttar 107797 Internet could be equally valuable internally and that is why intranets are becoming so popular. Some corporations do not have TCP/IP networks,repparttar 107798 protocol required to accessrepparttar 107799 resources ofrepparttar 107800 Internet. Creating an intranet in which allrepparttar 107801 information and resources can be used seamlessly has many benefits. TCP/IP-based networks make it easy for people to accessrepparttar 107802 network remotely, such as from home or while traveling. Dialing into an intranet in this way is much like connecting torepparttar 107803 Internet, except that you're connecting to a private network instead of to a public Internet provider. Interoperability between networks is another substantial bonus. Security systems separate an intranet fromrepparttar 107804 Internet. A company's intranet is protected by firewalls-hardware and software combinations that allow only certain people to accessrepparttar 107805 intranet for specific purposes.

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The Cycle of Windows Life.

Written by Michael List

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and then SYSTEM TOOLS. Scandisk will check your hard drive for problems and can automatically fix most that it finds. You should run Scandisk at least once a month. Another program is DISK DEFRAGMENTER located inrepparttar same System Tools folder. Disk Defragmenter actually rearranges blocks of information on your hard drive. Each time you add, remove or make changes to programs Windows will save this information torepparttar 107794 hard drive. Windows will not but these changes in any kind of logical order onrepparttar 107795 drive and can/will place portions of files in different areas ofrepparttar 107796 drive. Disk Defragmenter checksrepparttar 107797 drives and butsrepparttar 107798 files in a logical order. This makes it easier for Windows to find and userepparttar 107799 files a programs needs which inturn speeds up your computer. There are also third party programs that claim to do a better job cleaning up Windows such as Norton Utilities. Be careful with third party programs, remember you are adding another program that can cause problems. If you really want to make Windows as fresh asrepparttar 107800 day you installed it, start all over again. Once you start getting errors in Windows and specifically more than one application its time to start over. The best way to do this is runrepparttar 107801 FDISK command from your boot disk and delete everything on your hard drive and then reinstall all. Michael List,

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