Interviews with Well-Known Ezine Writers #3: - Shelley Lowery

Written by Michael Southon

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MS: That sounds like something every Ezine Writer should be doing. You own and operate an article syndication service yourself - can you tell us more about that, Shelley?

SL: Sure, Michael. The Syndicator is a unique service that enables webmasters to publish complete articles (withrepparttar author's photograph) and/or just headlines on their website. These articles are available in several different categories including Business, Internet Marketing, Biz tips, Web Development, Web Design tips, Home/Family, Horoscopes and others. Each article feed displays fresh articles each week and is automatically updated.

MS: What kind of exposure could an Ezine Writer get through your syndication service?

SL: The Syndicator provides content to over 4,000 websites, including co-branded syndication sites. In addition,repparttar 124313 syndicated content is dynamically delivered to over 10,000 ebooks circulatingrepparttar 124314 Internet, with a combined audience of nearly half a million viewers each week.


MS: That's a huge audience! What sort of articles doesrepparttar 124315 Syndicator accept?

SL: The articles selected to run in syndication should be well written in simple, everyday language that everyone can understand. They should provide our readers with quality information that teaches and informs in regard torepparttar 124316 subject matter.


MS: Some people say - with regard to Ezine Articles - that everything that could possibly be written about has already been written. What would be your response to that?

SL: There's an endless number of subjects on which to write about. But even if a subject has been previously written about, every writer has their own style and their own opinion - your article will have its own uniqueness.

MS: What would you say isrepparttar 124317 single most important style tip for writing a good Ezine Article?

SL: Articles should be well written in a simple, everyday language. And, provide readers with quality information that teaches and informs in regard torepparttar 124318 subject matter.

MS: And finally, Shelley, what would be your advice to someone who wants to write Ezine Articles but has never written forrepparttar 124319 Internet before?

SL: If you really want to get published, write your articles with a sincere desire to teach and inform. Talk to your readers and share your expertise.

MS: Thank you, Shelley - you've given us some great tips.

SL: Thank you, Michael. It was my pleasure.

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Written by Mike Morgan

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Sample quiz begins below ============================================================

1. How many ways are there to make change for $1 (US)?

2. In most advertisements, what time is displayed on watches?

3. According to Al Capone's business card, what was his profession?

4. A cat has how many muscles in each ear?

5. Four English words end with "-dous": horrendous, tremendous, stupendous, and ____________?

6. What isrepparttar only English word that ends inrepparttar 124312 letters "-mt"?

7. What isrepparttar 124313 longest one-syllable word inrepparttar 124314 English language?

8. How many ridges are aroundrepparttar 124315 edge of a U.S. dime?

9. How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?

10. What isrepparttar 124316 only U.S. state with a one-syllable name?

11. What isrepparttar 124317 only known sound that does not produce an echo?

Answers 1. 293 2. 10:10 3. used furniture dealer 4. 32 5. hazardous 6. dreamt 7. screeched 8. 118 9. 336 10. Maine 11. a duck's quack

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