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Written by Ken Hill

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KH: How do you go about preparing your ezine for publication?

PG: Well, I host my ezine with Constant Contact, because it is very easy and fast to use and because it will send out my ezine in text to those who need it and HTML to those who can get that, so I don't have to worry about doing 2 versions. I have a basic format that I set up when I started using Constant Contact, so that saves me a lot of time also.

I usually start with what article I'm going to put in my ezine. When I write an article, I'll usually use it in my own ezine and then send it out to other ezines. If I haven't "been inspired" or had time to write, I have many writers who send me their articles, so I'll choose one of their articles to run first.

I try to put as much viable information in my ezine as I can and keeprepparttar ads to a minimum. That way, advertisers don't have a lot of competition and their ads get to show up well. Plus, I really don't wantrepparttar 124263 ezine to become a classifieds section! My main purpose in publishing it is to inform, and I hope it does that.

KH: Any advice to future ezine publishers? Things to look out for or things to concentrate on when publishing an ezine?

PG: Always keep your subscribers in mind in everything you do, whether it's your ezine or your site. Never forget that your main reason for doing your ezine SHOULD be to help them not you. Make it your business to focus on helping others notrepparttar 124264 dollar.

Of course, we all are in this to hopefully make some money, but I think where people get into trouble with their businesses is when they letrepparttar 124265 dollar take precedence over their customers. In other words, greed will be your downfall if you let it become all important.

Things to look out for...first of all, don't ever recommend something unless you truly believe in it, because your business reputation is at stake. Next, don't overload your ezine with ads, whether paid or free. When I first started out, I told my subscribers to send in their ads and I'd publish them once a week, but now that my subscriber base has grown, I had to change it torepparttar 124266 first 5 who send in their ads would get their ads published.

You can get overloaded with ads and then no one will want to read your ezine; so if you want to give free ads in exchange for subscribers to get you started, that's fine, but don't sign up with a lot of services or you'll be overrun with ads! They are a great way to begin getting subscribers; just don't let it get out of hand!

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Why this is the perfect time to start charging for website subscriptions

Written by Peter A. Schaible

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Research byrepparttar Subscription Website Publishers Association ( shows at least five successful models for subscription website topic selection. These include existing print newsletter topics; trade and professional associations; career advancement, personality based or insider tips; and downloadable product libraries. For details go to

Asrepparttar 124262 Internet changes, it is creating moneymaking opportunities for people who like to write, teach and otherwise share their expertise. Your years of study, hands-on experience, and tried and true wisdom could be worth a hefty income when turned into an online community.

Online communities bring together people who are interested in a common topic. They create value by providing insiders' secrets thatrepparttar 124263 group is eager to learn about. And best of all,repparttar 124264 members are willing to pay money to join.

Why having a subscription website onrepparttar 124265 Internet is so great

Asrepparttar 124266 publisher of a subscription website, you have an almost unfair advantage over other print publications that don't operate onrepparttar 124267 Internet. Considerrepparttar 124268 benefits:

* Low cost of entry -- a computer, minimal software and Internet access are all you need. * No or low rent -- work from home. * Low overhead -- production and distribution costs are close to zero. * No employees -- do it all yourself. * Operate from anywhere inrepparttar 124269 world. * Access a worldwide audience. * Reach a well educated, affluent market. * Offer a visually rich website, with text, images, audio or video. * Sell and deliver digital information products instantly. * Build loyal communities through discussion groups, online events.

The next phase inrepparttar 124270 subscription website evolution

Information is increasing in value. Overrepparttar 124271 next several years,repparttar 124272 trend to information provided onrepparttar 124273 Internet by paid subscription will continue.

A two-tier model forrepparttar 124274 dissemination of quality content is emerging. Successful online publishers provide samples of their wares for free, either onrepparttar 124275 public portion of their website, or through a free, opt-in e-mail newsletter.

But to get down torepparttar 124276 most valuable data --repparttar 124277 premium content of secrets andrepparttar 124278 insider's tips and techniques -- subscribers are learning that they have to pay. Information seekers are getting accustomed torepparttar 124279 change, just as they have learned to pay for premium content on cable and satellite television.

The most successful online publishers will be those who can strikerepparttar 124280 perfect balance between free and fee. The time to get started with your own subscription website is now.

Peter A. Schaible is executive director ofrepparttar 124281 Subscription Website Publishers Association (

SWEPA exists to support online publishing by providing education, training and industry recognition. Our goal is to help members build successful, profitable subscription websites.

Copyright 2003 Subscription Website Publishers Association. Permission to reprint is granted providedrepparttar 124282 references and hypertext links to SWEPA are included.

Peter A. Schaible is executive director of the Subscription Website Publishers Association (

SWEPA exists to support online publishing by providing education, training and industry recognition. Our goal is to help members build successful, profitable subscription websites.

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