Interview With A Former ACLU Lawyer

Written by Jay

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I must say that in this world of political correctness this guy was bold, blunt, and torepparttar point. Keep in mind this is coming from a guy who foughtrepparttar 150016 battle of Civil Rights, a soldier who fought for them, and an esteemed former Commander of an American Legions post in Banning, California. He continued…

The ACLU is an elitist organization bent onrepparttar 150017 social engineering of our Country in defiance of bothrepparttar 150018 legislative and executive branches. What they are involved in is secular cleansing of American History.”

He asked if I were familiar with how Stalin airbrushed people like Trotsky out of photos in order to rewrite history. He went on to compare that to how whatrepparttar 150019 ACLU is trying to do with Christianity in American history. He pointed out many similarities.

Then he got torepparttar 150020 good stuff! He repeated….

“The ACLU is involved inrepparttar 150021 secular cleansing of our history. This is not just a fight about free exercise, but aboutrepparttar 150022 protection of our American history. The ACLU want to deny Americarepparttar 150023 knowledge of their Christian heritage.”

“For example,repparttar 150024 Ten Commandments in Court Houses. I don’t think this is an “endorsement” of religion. It is an acknowledgment of our history. I don’t care if it causes discomfort to Islamic terrorists, Islamic terrorist sympathizers, or Hindus and their holy cows.”

At this point I felt like saying, ….Bwhahahahah! However I restrained myself likerepparttar 150025 nice guy that I am. I’m glad I did, cause this is when he gotrepparttar 150026 really good stuff.

“This is a Christian Nation! And we ought to be damn proud it is! Because it is only in Christian Nations where you will find freedom of religion. We are a Christian Nation, andrepparttar 150027 U.S. Supreme Court said so. The Supreme Court in HOLY TRINITY CHURCH v. U.S. that this is a Christian Nation. That is our history. The historyrepparttar 150028 ACLU wants to erase.”

“Secular Humanism is a religion. Again,repparttar 150029 Supreme Court ruled this in Torcaso vs. Watkins. If this is true, then it is being given precedence over other religions in our nation today.”

I finally askedrepparttar 150030 question that I primarily called for. Knowing thatrepparttar 150031 American Legion is supporting The Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005 would it affectrepparttar 150032 ability of a poor person to defend their religious liberty by having to pay attorney fees out of pocket? To this question he answered….

“Absolutely not! This legislation would only apply to “Establishment Clause” cases. This would help to keep organizations from being paid attorney’s fees in cases such asrepparttar 150033 ones whererepparttar 150034 ACLU is fighting to take down our Veterans’ Memorials. It would only affect these kinds of suits. The “Free Exercise” is not affected at all. So someone defending their right to express religion could still collect attorney’s fees.” Read More at Stop The ACLU.Com


The Gun Control Debate

Written by Kenny Du

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The latest incarnation ofrepparttar gun control debate has been inrepparttar 149907 form ofrepparttar 149908 Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, which Congress failed to uphold in its latest session. The law prohibitedrepparttar 149909 sale of any semi-automatic assault weapons manufactured after 1994. Supporters ofrepparttar 149910 ban said it helped keep violent weapons offrepparttar 149911 street, while opponents claimed it imposed a confusing classification system, was overly restrictive and had little effect on controlling violent crime.

Gun rights advocates argue that a well-armed public helps prevent crime and ensure personal safety. Gun control proponents, onrepparttar 149912 other hand, fear that widespread gun ownership actually increases crime rates and leads to other negative outcomes, both public and private. Isrepparttar 149913 Second Amendment out-of-date, or does it guarantee an integral right?

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