Interpreting Tarot Cards - Part 4

Written by Maria Svensson

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Card 20 is 'Judgment'. On Judgment day, all are judged, andrepparttar way in which this judgment is metered out says as much aboutrepparttar 136966 judge asrepparttar 136967 judged. This card alerts you torepparttar 136968 need to choose - if you face a question or choice, now isrepparttar 136969 time to make up your mind. The right minded way of course is to judge without condemning, or leaving no possibility of parole (future opportunity and choice). It may also alert you that you yourself are being judged somehow, andrepparttar 136970 test is actually in how you respond torepparttar 136971 judgment, not whether you are guilty or not. Above all, Judgment means that renewal and change is at hand, and with change comes opportunity.

Finally we haverepparttar 136972 World. Associated with happiness,repparttar 136973 World is that feeling of totality we get when 'everything is ok'. This feeling is transitory - life's challenges always see to that, but when they come, they must be embraced without fear. Likerepparttar 136974 Sun,repparttar 136975 World is a positive card, and puts you on notice that your desires are indeed fulfill-able, BUT... you will need to work for them. To takerepparttar 136976 World, we must also give ourselves over into its service.

And together with card 0,repparttar 136977 Fool, that makes 22 major arcana cards. Next time, we will explorerepparttar 136978 methods of usingrepparttar 136979 cards andrepparttar 136980 patterns most suitable for fast reliable readings.

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Ninjutsu - Ninja Secrets For Modern-Day Ninja Master

Written by Graeme Sprigge

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There are various training schools inrepparttar US but before you start I suggest you read up on it. A great resource I have found is by Ninja Fanatic, John Lee.

Coverrepparttar 136810 ground in his book and then you will be more prepared to take your training further.

All such training starts from a desire, which gradually develops into mastery.

Good Luck.

Graeme Sprigge is a taekwondo practitioner. He is currently researching and learning Tai Chi as a self-defence art, not just a health routine. For more info on this article see

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