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Written by Richard Lowe

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If you don't get an acknowledgement, don't be afraid to resendrepparttar message a week or so later.

You want to add his link to your page first as a gesture of good faith, and to show him that you thought his site was of high enough quality to recommend it to your own visitors.

Nine times out of ten, this works like a charm. You get added to his links page and it only cost you a few minutes to write up an email. Now it's automatic - you don't need to worry about it anymore. More than likely you will only get a few visitors a month from something like this, but it adds up over time.

And there is a much bigger payoff - getting you page listed on other sites increases your popularity to some search engines. This moves you higher in search list, which improves tremendouslyrepparttar 125166 number of people who will visit your site. An indirect but very definite return on investment.

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How To Develop Maximum Web Site Traffic

Written by Tim Urban

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Even though paid advertising pulls more than Free advertising, traffic or responses are NOT guaranteed. As you may know, in traditional forms of paid advertising you are paying for space, circulation andrepparttar number/length of times your ad runs. Whether you get enough (or any) responses is of NO concern torepparttar 125165 publishing media you're working with. Per Inquiry simply means thatrepparttar 125166 cost for advertising is directly proportional to responses received. In other words, X amount of responses for X amount of dollars. If you are really serious about promoting your offer and want guaranteed results, you should use Per Inquiry Advertising. 5. Add your URL & Chief Benefits To All Marketing Materials It staggers me how many opportunities for promotion pass every single day without being utilized. Look at your business cards, card deck cards, space ads, yellow pages ads, brochures, flyers,repparttar 125167 envelopes you mail in, etc. Is this information included on them... or are you literally throwing away promotional opportunities every time you think you're "marketing"? If you want traffic, make sure everything you use promotes your URL andrepparttar 125168 reason for visiting it. 6. Develop A Response Template Are you annoyed by unsolicited e-mail? I was, too, until I got smart about it. I figured these people were just a new kind of prospect. Thus, I developed a series of response templates in which I described my offer. Send a Response Template To Every Unsolicited E-Mail You Receive. Just by clicking a button you'll be getting YOUR information intorepparttar 125169 hands of new prospects. This method is more socially responsible than sendingrepparttar 125170 kind of response hate mail that so many people unaccountably find acceptable. 7. Don't Slack Off It's easy to be lazy. Sloth is seductive. But when you stop building traffic, you start cuttingrepparttar 125171 value of your Web site. That's not my way... and it shouldn't be yours. Building traffic onrepparttar 125172 Internet is an exciting, high energy game. With very valuable pay-offs. Which get bigger every day.

Tim Urban is the CEO of NuWave Industries, an advertising firm that specializes in on-line & off-line Per Inquiry advertising. They also provide many tools for automating your online promotions. NuWave Industries can be reached at this address or by email at

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