Internet Marketing and Public Speaking: Seven Steps to a Successful Murder Board

Written by Larry Tracy

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It is beneficial to have both a video camera and a tape recorder running, duringrepparttar practice presentation. This will provide a "game film" enabling you to see and hear yourself as your audience will see and hear you.

Perhapsrepparttar 136032 fundamental benefit of recordingrepparttar 136033 practice session is that you will have a record ofrepparttar 136034 questions asked inrepparttar 136035 give-and-take ofrepparttar 136036 presentation, as well as your answers. Without an electronic record,repparttar 136037 questions stimulated by your presentation, and your answers, could be lost, thereby negating many ofrepparttar 136038 benefits ofrepparttar 136039 Murder Board.

5. Critique of presenter's Style and Substance

You have now completed your Murder Board, and, inrepparttar 136040 process, have usedrepparttar 136041 valuable time of your colleagues. Now isrepparttar 136042 time to ask them for a robust critique ofrepparttar 136043 substance of your presentation and your delivery style.

Keeprepparttar 136044 video camera and tape recorder rolling. These colleagues may be more expert in certain aspects of your presentation than you are, and you certainly want to tap into this expertise.

Additionally, they have just seen you presenting in a stressful environment - presenting before your colleagues may be more difficult than before potential customers - and their comments on how you looked, how you sounded, and your overall presence can be invaluable. Thank them for giving up their time, and remind them that you are ready to pay back when their time comes to make an important presentation.

6. Recording all questions asked on cards

Now it is just you, a VCR, a tape recorder and a stack of 3x5 cards. Whyrepparttar 136045 cards? Because you are now going to go throughrepparttar 136046 painful process of listening to how you answeredrepparttar 136047 questions posed by your colleagues. Place each question asked onrepparttar 136048 front side of a 3x5 card. Onrepparttar 136049 back - in pencil - placerepparttar 136050 answer you gave, or a better one if it occurs to you now, and it probably will. Why pencil? Because you are going to come up with better answersrepparttar 136051 more you think and research.

When you are at home watching television, have that stack of cards nearby. When a commercial comes onrepparttar 136052 screen, select a card at random, look atrepparttar 136053 question, give an answer, and turnrepparttar 136054 card over. If your new answer is better thanrepparttar 136055 one onrepparttar 136056 back ofrepparttar 136057 card, makerepparttar 136058 correction.

Go through this procedure a few times, seeking each time to improve your answer so that you not only addressrepparttar 136059 specifics ofrepparttar 136060 question, but also find ways to reinforce your main points.

Following this procedure will do much to removerepparttar 136061 fear ofrepparttar 136062 unanticipated question, which has such a direct influence on fear of public speaking.

7. Reviserepparttar 136063 presentation

Having completed your Murder Board, you are now faced with a dilemma. What do you do with allrepparttar 136064 new data generated by this most intense practice session? What ifrepparttar 136065 audience doesn't askrepparttar 136066 questions for which you have developed such great answers? Do you just leave this information in your files?

The answer is a resounding NO. Remember, your responsibility as a presenter is to provide maximum relevant information in minimum time inrepparttar 136067 clearest manner possible.

You must make a judgment as to which information best fits your objective andrepparttar 136068 informational needs of your audience. Some ofrepparttar 136069 material you had originally had in your presentation may well have to be dropped, replaced by information that surfaced as a result of questions and discussions inrepparttar 136070 Murder Board.

The bottom line onrepparttar 136071 Murder Board

You need to conduct a Murder Board forrepparttar 136072 same reason that professional football teams, despite having injured players who could benefit from a rest, go through physically demanding practice sessions beforerepparttar 136073 next game.

It is foolish to deliver an important presentation without going through an intense Murder Board. The wise presenter realizes that he or she should put as much effort intorepparttar 136074 presentation as has been put intorepparttar 136075 product or service being sold.

This article is excerpted from Larry Tracy’s book, The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations. Larry, a retired Army colonel, was called “an extraordinarily effective speaker” by President Ronald Reagan. He has been cited in numerous publications as one of the top presentation skills trainers in the US. His website is at top of Google for “persuasive presentations. Visit it for FREE tips and articles:

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