Internet Marketing and Advertising for the Green Industry

Written by Adam White

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What you need to do is take that money and get a website designed and optimized forrepparttar search engines. What it means to get a site optimized for search engines is that when someone searches for landscaping companies in your town your website shows up inrepparttar 113410 top 10 search results. For more information on how to optimize your website for top rankings visit With a website that has been properly optimized, people in your service area will be able to find your website. It will berepparttar 113411 best form of local advertising that you will have because oncerepparttar 113412 site is designed and optimized, you don't have to do anything else or pay anything to anyone. You can't beat free advertising that brings people looking for you to your website. You can also list your company with its new website at for FREE. Make your landscaping business grow and get online today. To learn more about getting your own business website

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How to Grow Avocado

Written by Hans Dekker

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pit inrepparttar sunlight until is begins to split and then potting it in soil partly exposed like an amaryllis bulb or sweet potato vine. Use a four or five-inch pot to start your plant and set it in a nutrient rich potting soil that has good drainage. After your plant is about a foot tall, pinch it back to half. Pinching it back produces a rounder and fuller plant. Once your plant has filled its pot with roots, itís time to move it to its permanent home.

When youíre learning how to grow avocado plants, donít expect fruit. Avocado trees take up to ten years to mature enough to bear fruit and indoor grown plants rarely last for that length of time. However, if you provide it with a moist soil, plenty of sunlight, and fertile soil, your avocado plant will be an interesting addition to your home container garden for three to five years.

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