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Written by Mark Askew

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An example of how content can enhance your site is Mortgage Loan Search at Notice howrepparttar content is designed to complimentrepparttar 125150 financial services offered. Fact is financial services compriserepparttar 125151 larger percentage of services onrepparttar 125152 Internet. But users opt for services and products from sites that carefully review financing options and leaverepparttar 125153 potential consumer feeling better informed to make smart decisions. The question remains where to go to getrepparttar 125154 right content for your site. All forms of free content may not be compatible with site. Four factors are essential to findingrepparttar 125155 right content provider. 1. Consider what product or service your site offers. 2. What market or industry news you can feature that will compliment your service 3. Think aboutrepparttar 125156 issues and concerns potential consumers may have that you can address or resolve in your content. 4. Consider tips or helpful hints that would be of interest to them to visitors. Once you have a better idea of what kind of content you need, run a search on content providers using keywords that describe you product, market or industry and examinerepparttar 125157 content offered. With fresh weekly content you will be on your way to improved search engine ranking, increased traffic, notoriety and improved product or service sales.

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FFA - the facts.

Written by Michael Bloch

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.....A word of warning.......(well, quite a few words)

Be prepared for a suddenly influx of email - many, many emails! As part ofrepparttar submission agreement, each FFA page successfully submitted to can generate 1 email to you from that particular site - a confirmation of submission. These "confirmation of submissions" of course contain numerous advertisements. My submission saw me receive approximately 420 emails overrepparttar 125149 next three days. But after this initial influx, things settled down pretty rapidly and I am not being spammed.

I don't think that I will submit to FFA's on an ongoing basis, purely because ofrepparttar 125150 "confirmation of submission" emails I received which probably totalled around 1.4 megabytes. I'm not comfortable with receiving emails that I have sparked off knowing that they are headed straight forrepparttar 125151 recycle bin - a waste of bandwidth in receiving them. It has been worthrepparttar 125152 experience, just to see how it works and to passrepparttar 125153 information on to others.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Another option to drive traffic to your site and being able to send one of these "confirmation of submission" emails containing your advertisement is to establish your own FFA page. From what I could ascertain, this is a simple process. If you feel that this may benefit your site, be extremely careful and do your research regarding implementation. As word gets around that you have an FFA page, you will be undoubtedly bombarded with links to, shall we say, sites containing questionable material which may have negative legal and moral implications for you. If submission screening is not set up correctly, you may also receive very nasty emails from people whose email addresses have been used fraudulently to create these submissions. Also be aware that many of those emails that are sent out from your site will never be read.

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