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Written by Brenda Peffley

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How to Unlock the Million-Dollar Idea Trapped in Your Mind

Written by Daren Armstrong

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But being creative is not something you can read about in a book and master in an hour. You have to be inrepparttar right frame of mind, and you have to know what works best to make your creative juices flow. For instance, there is a theory that we userepparttar 117307 left side of our brain so much during an average day that it works more efficiently thanrepparttar 117308 right side. The left side is working overtime atrepparttar 117309 speed of light whilerepparttar 117310 right side is taking its sweet time moseying along. But exercise is proven to speed up that slow poke right side ofrepparttar 117311 brain so it can catch up torepparttar 117312 left, and meditation slowsrepparttar 117313 left side ofrepparttar 117314 brain to be in sync withrepparttar 117315 right. There are myriad practical ways for people just like you to access your creativity as often as you wish. Even if you think youíve never had a creative idea in your life, I promise, itís in you. You were a child once, werenít you? Well, have you ever met a child in your life who isnít creative? I havenít. Creativity is inborn in all of us, but some of us loserepparttar 117316 more imaginative side of ourselves in a barrage of math and facts and routine. But that creative child lives inside you to this very day, and he or she has more creative ideas than you can possibly imagine. Withrepparttar 117317 right key, you can let that child come out and play again.

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