Internet Directory Submission, Sure Way To Link Popularity

Written by Charles Hopkins

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(3) Telephone Number in Shopping Sites: Most directories rate shopping sites without a phone contact as an affiliate sites. Telephone also plays a very important role in selling products to Internet shoppers. Most 85% of Internet shoppers may not buy from shopping sites that do not include a contact address or telephone number or both. One question that goes inrepparttar shoppers mind is – what will happen if I need to call for help? For technical support, returns etc. The same emphases are placed by editors of most directories like Yahoo, Dmoz and other new directories.

Although this rule may not apply to some paid directories, but there are some paid directories that still adhere torepparttar 119326 above principle. Most paid directories may not refund your payment when they fail to include your listing in their directory.

(4) Listing withrepparttar 119327 Right Title, Description and Keywords To Appropriate Category: Lay emphasis inrepparttar 119328 Title, Description and Keywords you are using when submitting to directories. Make it a point of duty to studyrepparttar 119329 directory you are submitting to, prior to submission and find out how majority of their listings are placed. Use simple keywords or phrases that relates to your site content. Do not include keywords that do not relate to your site content, since most directories rely on keywords to structure results, placing wrong keywords may inflame some editors.

Since most major search engines these days lay emphasis on quality links from human edited websites like directories, make it a point of duty to do your homework and save time doing it.

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13 Steps to Increasing Your Link Luck

Written by Courtney Heard

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6. Join link exchange networks. There are a few out there that are quite valuable and well done, like and even some ofrepparttar less valuable ones will send you a decent link opportunity every now and again.

7. Talk torepparttar 119325 people in your geographic area. If your store is in a mall, askrepparttar 119326 other stores in your mall to exchange links. If you’re in an office building, ask allrepparttar 119327 other businesses inrepparttar 119328 building. Look through your chamber of commerce web site, or local business directory. Remember, relevancy includes geography. can exchange with sites related torepparttar 119329 keywords I listed in step 1 as well as sites in and around their area of California.

8. Ask any clients with businesses to link to your site. Offer them a discount on further purchases forrepparttar 119330 duration of time they keep your link up. Not only does this produce a one-way incoming link to your site, but it also promotes repeat business.

9. Ask every site you come across that you like or find useful for a link exchange.

10. Participate in forums, such as and use your signature to link to your site.

11.Triangle linking, though hard work, can be very beneficial. Triangle linking isrepparttar 119331 process of creating one way links between three sites. Eg. Site 1 agrees to link to site 2 if site 2 links to site 3 and site 3 links back to site 1.

12. Write articles and submit them to places such as and Make them valuable articles that people will actually read, and they’ll get picked up by more places. Make sure your Author’s bio has a link to your web site.

13. Create a “Link to Us” page and allow visitors who find your site a great resource to link to you on their own. Avoid banner links or button links and stick to text links. Relevant anchor text is as important asrepparttar 119332 link itself.

And finally, be patient. Obtaining a lot of incoming links all at once can raise some flags in search engine algorithms. A well conducted link development campaign takes time but is well worth it. The pay-off can turn your new business into a massive success and can meanrepparttar 119333 difference between flipping burgers for operating capital, or sipping Mai-Tais in Bora Bora while all your worker bees back home keep things going. Trust me, Tahiti’s worthrepparttar 119334 wait.

Courtney Heard is the founder of Abalone Designs, a search engine optimization company. in Vancouver, Canada. She has been involved in web development and marketing since 1995 and has helped start several businesses since then in the Vancouver area. More of Courtney's articles are available at

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