Internet Cell Phone Deals – How to Take Advantage of Them

Written by Jaye E. Seay

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Nevertheless, there are many quality carriers inrepparttar marketplace. Switching carriers should not be that troublesome. Therefore, these internet cell phone deals have great value forrepparttar 137176 consumer. Often, these phones that you can get free after rebate would cost you more than $200 as an upgrade. As a savvy cell phone consumer, you could select two carriers that you are comfortable with and switch betweenrepparttar 137177 two every one or two years (and receive a high quality cell phone free after rebate) inrepparttar 137178 process. The internet marketplace holds great value forrepparttar 137179 cell phone consumer. Take advantage of these great internet cell phone deals.

Jaye Seay is an MBA candidate at Howard University in Washington, DC. He is also the owner of, a website that offers consumers information, reviews, and links to the best internet cell phone deals.

When does a Corporate Video add value?

Written by Joel Loader

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Conference and exhibition Video Production

Conference and exhibition video production can takerepparttar form of entire programmes of their own, or just as short clips to be incorporated into another, longer corporate videos that report on conferences or exhibitions that companies have held. When a company has a large event, or exhibition, it is not always possible for allrepparttar 137113 people who need to attend to be there, but with so many issues being discussed and products being demonstrated, with conference and exhibition videos, these events can reach a much broader audience. The relaxed environment at these type of events, enable a much more laid back attitude to come across fromrepparttar 137114 people being interviewed, and it is easier to get an honest opinion, something which can never be undervalued in any business.

Once filmed, conference and exhibition videos can either be put onto DVD for video presentations, or distributed on CD-ROM, throughrepparttar 137115 internet or via your company's intranet. Once an event has been filmed, it can be put to a variety of applications, fromrepparttar 137116 obvious use of providing a record ofrepparttar 137117 event for all who were unable to attend, to taking simple sound bites of interviews for incorporation into sales and marketing presentations. Conference and exhibition corporate videos also provide a great opportunity to capture presentations from guest speakers thatrepparttar 137118 people who couldn't make it torepparttar 137119 event would miss out on. A good corporate video production will reflectrepparttar 137120 atmosphere atrepparttar 137121 event, and can be an excellent way to encourage staff and/or customers to come to these events inrepparttar 137122 future.

Video Production for Tourism

The medium of video is unequalled in promotingrepparttar 137123 full tourist experience to potential visitors, with video production being an ideal way of marketingrepparttar 137124 amenities, attractions, and individuality of a city or tourist destination on an individual, local or even international level.

Inrepparttar 137125 form of a CD ROM or DVD,repparttar 137126 potential scope for video production for tourism is immense. A video will allow viewers to interactively explore a given destination, take a virtual tour around a hotel or enjoy a guided trip around a city with a well known presenter.

Most reputable video production companies will offer to create a tourism video, DVD or CD ROM as part of a larger marketing package, creating eye-catching packaging and inserts to complementrepparttar 137127 promotional programme.

I-MOTUS is one of the UK’s leading corporate and training video production companies. Our team uniquely combines proven business savvy with some of the television industry’s brightest creative talent to provide a fresh approach to the most challenging of marketing and communication briefs.

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