Interested in Improving the Sound of Your Stereo? Consider Records

Written by Charles Essmeier

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of this reissued product comes inrepparttar form of high-quality, limited edition LP pressings that often carry premium prices of up to $50 per title. Why are records continuing to sell whilerepparttar 140944 new formats fail?

There are several reasons why records are outsellingrepparttar 140945 new, “superior” digital disc formats:

  • Format wars. Like VHS vs. Beta inrepparttar 140946 1970’s,repparttar 140947 SACD and DVD-A formats are largely incompatible. While players have been introduced that will play either one, most players play either one format orrepparttar 140948 other. Worse, neither one will play on a traditional CD player. You must replace your player to play either one.

  • Multichannel sound is difficult to use and requires purchasing new amplification equipment. SACD and DVD-A both have multichannel capabilities, but neither format’s players have digital outputs. Both must be connected to amplifiers or receivers with special SACD or DVD-A analog inputs.

  • Most ofrepparttar 140949 music fans who preferredrepparttar 140950 sound of records to compact discs still preferrepparttar 140951 sound of records to either SACD or DVD-A. Most will agree that whilerepparttar 140952 new formats sound better than compact discs,repparttar 140953 unique “digital” sound of compact discs is still there.

  • Many listeners aren’t interested in sound quality. Arguments can always be made aboutrepparttar 140954 sound of compact disc vs records vs SACD vs DVD-A, but millions of consumers are content to listen to music in MP3 format on portable players. MP3 format is inherently inferior in sound quality to all ofrepparttar 140955 other formats, but MP3 players are selling as fast as companies can make them.

  • The day will never come when records again becomerepparttar 140956 dominant music format. The convenience of portable players for CD, SACD, and DVD-A discs and MP3 files outweighsrepparttar 140957 advantages in sound quality that records offer over those formats. Nevertheless, it appears that a small but steady market for records remains very real, and that that market exceeds that ofrepparttar 140958 new “improved” SACD and DVD-A formats, which will probably soon gorepparttar 140959 way ofrepparttar 140960 forgotten Elcassette, Minidisc, and 4 track tape formats ofrepparttar 140961 past.

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    Written by Liz Toone

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    The last two years have seenrepparttar band set up their own recording and publishing label in order to penetraterepparttar 140838 increasingly closed music market.

    As a result, Saint have been able to release their debut album – "Bones and Telephones" (available at, price £10.00) and regularly pack out venues in their base city of Brussels, but also in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Holland.

    Using a confluence of personal life experience, belief and viewpoint, with good music so as to make a connection with like-minded audiences, isrepparttar 140839 over-riding ethos driving Saints’ creative process.

    Saint invites all music listeners to be a part of their voyage.


    Several tracks from "Bones and Telephones" plus other well known Saint tracks can be heard at their website, or contact Mark Dilks, to request your copy of "Bones and Telephones".

    Media passes forrepparttar 140840 Cock Hotel Marquee Suite, Stony Stratford event on Sunday June 12th are available by contacting Mark Dilks.

    Interviews with Steve Jones,repparttar 140841 Saint lead singer, in person or by telephone, can be arranged by contacting Mark Dilks.

    CONTACT INFORMATION Saint can be contacted by visting or by contacting Mark Dilks,repparttar 140842 band’s UK representative on 01908 269872.

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