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Written by Justine Curtis, Enable UK

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But is it wise to add forums to your website?

Onrepparttar pro side, large, active forums generate content for your website. They add a "sticky" element as most people come back, at least to monitor developments on their threads. Some forum software allows members to opt to receive an email whenever someone replies to their thread. Most people use it and that automated email sends them right back torepparttar 147536 forum and therefore, your web site.

However, forums can take a long time to pick up and an empty forum can actually drive new visitors away. You need to constantly monitor your forums to make sure that they are clean of spam, troll posts, and just keep everything in order. In addition, forums are database-type applications that generate web pages onrepparttar 147537 fly. Every time a user views a page, it's being created from scratch. Asrepparttar 147538 forums become more active, this can take a heavy load onrepparttar 147539 web server's resources and ultimately increase your hosting costs.

A forum is an incredible tool for building content and a community but it's not a task to be undertaken lightly; it requires a lot of time and energy and some technical knowledge (or a tech budget!)

If your industry has a need, or your product has a loyal following, a forum is a great tool to build content while drawing like-minded individuals together. A forum is great for market research, technical support, building a fan base, trading ideas and knowledge, and many, many other benefits. Try to get a base of people from similar business or industry experts to post at your forum. It's exposure for them and helps to build a solid foundation for your information.

If you decide to start a forum, be sure to use one that is search-friendly, such as or, and set aside a good chunk of time to promote it and administer it.

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Feedback Unsolicited feedback is a powerful and convincing tool! Let your customers tell other customers why they love you. It's much more compelling than your own claims. Unfortunately, customers normally need to be asked for their opinion. You can ask for feedback on any area of your business, your web site, your ordering process, your levels of customer service, your delivery service, etc.

The easiest way is to simply set up a form to allow customers to submit their feedback. Keep it fairly brief and allow a space for comments. You can then userepparttar 147540 information provided to improve your customer experience, and with permission, publishrepparttar 147541 ones you choose.

Often other web site owners that are also customers of users of your web site can be enticed to write a review or testimonial for your site in return for a link back to theirs. This helps them with link popularity but it helps your site as well it shows a real person wrote that review.

Ask The Expert This is a great way of not only interacting with potential customers but also establishing your business as an expert in its field. Using a simple question form or forum software, users submit questions and someone at your company answers them. The Q&A are both published onrepparttar 147542 site for users to read once they are answered in a "knowledge database" or “FAQ” section. This is less time-intensive than a full-blown forum but a great way to keep a finger onrepparttar 147543 pulse of what customers want to know while still adding content on a regular basis.

Summary If you are interested in building loyalty and interest in your company as well as repeat business and you want to get increased traffic fromrepparttar 147544 editorial or free listings in search engines, you have to offer more than just sales information to your users. If you create a plan for content that offers value and interest to your customers, you can have a site that is built to sell AND drive repeat business.

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Do's and Don'ts in Web Design - part 2 (content)

Written by Cyber Logic Host™

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Do presentrepparttar issues right away Your visitor wants to know immediately what she/he can find on your site. Keep that in mind when designing your site. Presentrepparttar 147367 important issue(s) of your site onrepparttar 147368 first page.

Do use a descriptive title The text forrepparttar 147369 tag "TITLE" should be descriptive. The title shows up inrepparttar 147370 results of search engines. A descriptive title makes clear what people can expect on your site. The title is also shown inrepparttar 147371 history list of browsers.

Do use small pages The World Wide Web is not a book. People don't read it sequentially. They want to select a small piece of info and decide what info they want to read next. So you should provide small pages. Cut long pages in pieces and connect them through hyperlinks.

Do use implicit text for your links Phrases like Click here or Check this link distract fromrepparttar 147372 content and are to be avoided. Try to write your text in such a way that a link is a natural part ofrepparttar 147373 sentence. Instead of Cyber Logic Host™ :: Cheap Web Hosting, domain registration Click here to visit it; try to write something like Cyber Logic Host™ :: Cheap Web Hosting, domain registration.

Do update your pages Be sure to check your pages on a regular base and to update them if necessary.

Do show date of update You update your pages on a regular basis. Don't you? Make clear to your visitors how recent or (out-)dated your information is. Providerepparttar 147374 date ofrepparttar 147375 last update. And don't forget to changerepparttar 147376 date if you change a page...

Do ask for feedback You can learn from your visitors. Ask for their feedback and give them an e-mail address to reach you.

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