Intelligence Failure and the next Armageddon

Written by Arthur Zulu

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Then came 9/11. And intelligence failed again! Not thatrepparttar Americans did not know that al-Qaeda was a threat. Bill Clinton knew. George Bush jr. knew. Butrepparttar 125995 risk was underestimated, just as it never crossed anyone’s mind that Japan could wreak havoc on America.

Again,repparttar 125996 U.S. Administration didn’t know when and whererepparttar 125997 terrorist organization would strike. There were vague warnings and missed leads as in Pearl Harbor.

Moreover,repparttar 125998 terrorists used America’s weakest front—planes flying aroundrepparttar 125999 country. Who would have dreamt about that? So whilerepparttar 126000 coast guards were busy watchdoggingrepparttar 126001 borders, andrepparttar 126002 intercontinental ballistic missiles were waiting for an early warning signal to launch a counter attack,repparttar 126003 “sneaky terrorists” were seizing planes and attackingrepparttar 126004 soul of America.

It was after about 3,000 lives went withrepparttar 126005 Trade Center, that Americans came to their senses. The rest is now living history. The big question now is: If intelligence failed twice within a lifetime—precipitating destruction of gigantic proportions—can it fail again? The right answer is yes.

In my book CHASING SHADOWS!, I wrote thatrepparttar 126006 enemy we are searching for in far away lands, is within us, and that ‘Armageddon’ is yet to come. Intelligence will continue to fail because we live in an imperfect world.

So althoughrepparttar 126007 9/11 Commission is making effort to unravel what went wrong (the chairman is promising Americans surprising findings), and Democrats and Republicans are trying to demonize each other,repparttar 126008 bottomline is that intelligence failed. Do not blame Bush. Blame not Clinton. There must be intelligence failure. For man is imperfect. It could have happened if Mr. Intelligence had beenrepparttar 126009 president of America. Because intelligence means failure and failure means intelligence.

As you read this, intelligence officers are working at full trot briefing heads of states about he next move of terrorists and last minute plans to checkmate their move. But no one is askingrepparttar 126010 right questions: Why isrepparttar 126011 world in turmoil? Why do we need intelligence? Why would a virgin decide to bomb herself to death? What would make some people decide to end civilization by a chemical bomb? What can be done to bring lasting peace torepparttar 126012 world?

It is my belief that if we do not getrepparttar 126013 right answers to these questions,repparttar 126014 world will not have peace. Terrorist attacks have continued unabated—defying intelligence—and will ever continue. (See what’s happening in Spain. Next stop, Great Britain.)

All lovers of peace would wish thatrepparttar 126015 world leaders gave attention torepparttar 126016 real causes of terrorism. Otherwise, we might wake up tomorrow and findrepparttar 126017 world on fire onrepparttar 126018 day of ‘Armageddon.’ Do not blamerepparttar 126019 innocent oxymoron, intelligence failure. For we are all to blame.

ARTHUR ‘ZULU is an editor, book reviewer, and published author. BOOKS PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream (A book that revealsrepparttar 126020 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126021 world on fire!) HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER For contacts, mailto:

Arthur Zulu is an editor, book reviewer and published author

Meet The New Kerry, Same As The Old Kerry !

Written by J.R.

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Apologize, Mr. Kerry ? Cooperate and compromise Mr. Kerry ? It's a radically wrong policy to defend ourselves Mr. Kerry ? Let's not forget that it was they (the terrorists) that attacked us. Let's also not forget that withrepparttar exception ofrepparttar 125994 9/11 attacks, allrepparttar 125995 other terrorist attacks happened onrepparttar 125996 Clinton administrations watch. Yes Folks, can you believe it,repparttar 125997 terrorists were attacking us even before Bush became president. I know some of you will find that to be a stunning revelation considering all you hear fromrepparttar 125998 sniveling liberals is that we are hated byrepparttar 125999 terrorists because of Bush's foreign policy. I guessrepparttar 126000 terrorists' must have phoned Miss Cleo and got their reading and conducted pre-emptive terrorist strikes knowing that Bush would be President inrepparttar 126001 future.

It wasrepparttar 126002 cooperate, compromise and apologize stratedgy that was radically wrong withrepparttar 126003 Clinton administration's policies. Policies that gutted our military hardware, demoralized our military personnel, and invited our enemies to attack us, that led torepparttar 126004 attacks of 9/11. The terrorists, makingrepparttar 126005 mistake of listening torepparttar 126006 ridiculous rhetoric ofrepparttar 126007 whining liberals, believed that because President Bush narrowly wonrepparttar 126008 2000 election, that he had no mandate, that he would be a weak President. They, andrepparttar 126009 rest ofrepparttar 126010 world, would soon find out otherwise.

The majority ofrepparttar 126011 American People will never support apologizing or cooperating and compromising with our terrorist enemies, we have seen where that has gotten us, Mr. Kerry. The majority of Americans supportrepparttar 126012 Presidents policies onrepparttar 126013 war on terror, even if they don't agree with his other policies.

It appears, ladies and gentlemen that Kerry thinks this is stillrepparttar 126014 '70's and just as he aided and abetted our enemies then, he is hell bent on doingrepparttar 126015 same thing again in 2005 if he is elected President.

Meetrepparttar 126016 new Kerry, same asrepparttar 126017 old Kerry !

I'm J.R. and that's my take.

Host of Talk Show America heard live Mon-Fri 4-6 PM on the IBC Radio Network. 24 year veteran police officer, former local politician and Director of Emergency Management in a Massachusetts town

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