Intellectual Property Protection: Legal Right Protection

Written by Margaret Wommack

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Trademark lawyers can also be sought to make sure that your new business isnít using a registered mark. The consequences for using a registered mark, even though you may have put money and advertising into promoting your business, include being sued for infringement.


Copyrights protectrepparttar individualís expression of an idea, but do not protectrepparttar 148817 idea itself (see patent). Copyrights are intended to promote scientific progress. You can copyright your writing, performance (music, dance), art, sound, compilations. You cannot copyright ideas or uncompiled facts, words, or phrases (these could be registered as trademarks, though, so consult an intellectual property lawyer). If you come up with an idea or invention while working for a company, it is able to be patented or trademarked byrepparttar 148818 company you work for, but copyrightable work belongs to you,repparttar 148819 employee, notrepparttar 148820 company employing you. However, there are loopholes, and an intellectual property lawyer will help you both withrepparttar 148821 process of getting your expression copyrighted but will also save you trouble and time in getting over road blocks.

If you are a company, you need an intellectual property lawyer who specializes in copyrights because especially with internet businesses, you will need to make sure that contractually your web site design can be copyrighted to your company and will not belong torepparttar 148822 employee or independent contractor who created it. This also applies to software.

Trade Secrets

It is important to protect your businessí trade secrets so they will not be misappropriated. Whereas patents have a limited time of coverage and after 20 years are released, trade secrets are always protected. To qualify as a trade secret, it must have independent economic value torepparttar 148823 company. For example,repparttar 148824 recipe for Coca-Cola is a trade secret, not a patent, and therefore will never be released because without maintainingrepparttar 148825 secrecy ofrepparttar 148826 recipe,repparttar 148827 business would not be able to compete by offering an individual product. GA

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Class Action Lawsuits

Written by Margaret Wommack

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Class action lawsuits have many benefits. They are more efficient, presenting witnesses and exhibits and facts ofrepparttar case all at once rather than holding uprepparttar 148816 courts with trying them separately. They spreadrepparttar 148817 burden of cost between allrepparttar 148818 different plaintiffs who, on their own, might not have been able to file suits. Furthermore, if recoveries are small (although no less significant torepparttar 148819 individual) it is not cost beneficial to file a suit independently because of fees. They ensure that all plaintiffs get their portion ofrepparttar 148820 settlement; here,repparttar 148821 plaintiffs who first complained are not given extra money. GA

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