Intellectual Property Law

Written by Joe Regan

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A trademark is an intellectual property protection which is used to protectrepparttar distinctive features that distinguish one product from another. Those features can include such things as: symbols, colors, brands, names, sounds, smells, shapes, and signs.

Fortunately, Intellectual property laws benefitrepparttar 119257 creator of a property, by rewarding that creator for his/her innovation and creativity. Also, society as a whole benefits from intellectual property laws, byrepparttar 119258 fact, that these laws encourage creativity, therefore allowingrepparttar 119259 rest of us to benefit fromrepparttar 119260 wide range of products and services that are produced.

Any violation of a trademark, patent or copyright could constituterepparttar 119261 grounds for an intellectual property lawsuit. If you feel that you have been victimized it would be wise to consult a qualified attorney in your area. Find an attorney or law firm, which specializes in intellectual property law. Know your rights and protect them accordingly.

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Instrument Proficiency Checks Under The Revised Instrument Practical Test Standards

Written by Greg Reigel

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Underrepparttar revised PTS, all ofrepparttar 119256 designated tasks must now be satisfactorily completed. Although a pilot and instructor can still tailorrepparttar 119257 IPC to focus on tasks needing additional work,repparttar 119258 remainder ofrepparttar 119259 designated tasks will still need to be completed. This will increaserepparttar 119260 time required for an IPC and may deter pilots from spendingrepparttar 119261 time and money for additional practice of specific tasks.

Another concern isrepparttar 119262 requirement that an IPC candidate must now perform a circling approach. Unfortunately, this eliminatesrepparttar 119263 opportunity for an IPC candidate to fully complete an IPC using a computer-based trainer such as an Advanced AD. Although an Advanced AD will still qualify for completion of a majority ofrepparttar 119264 IPC requirements, if it does not have a wide, wrap-around display, a circling approach will be impossible and this portion ofrepparttar 119265 IPC will need to either be demonstrated in an aircraft or in a simulator that is equipped for such an approach.

This new requirement also hasrepparttar 119266 potential to increaserepparttar 119267 cost of an IPC for a pilot. Ifrepparttar 119268 pilot does not have access to an appropriate computer based trainer, he or she will need to perform a circling approach in an aircraft.

The revised PTS are here and arerepparttar 119269 standards for conducting an IPC. Pilots should keep in mind that an IPC sign-off received after October 1, 2004 that does not comply withrepparttar 119270 revised PTS will not be valid and may leaverepparttar 119271 pilot operating without instrument currency. Both pilots and their instructors should reviewrepparttar 119272 revised PTS to fully understand what tasks are required for an IPC.

As always, fly safe and fly smart.

Greg is an aviation attorney, author and holds a commercial pilot certificate with instrument rating. His handles aviation litigation, including insurance matters and creditor’s rights, FAA certificate actions and aviation related transactional matters. He can be reached via e-mail at or check out his website at

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