Intellectual Property Defined

Written by Nashville

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Copyright laws provide forrepparttar owner an exclusive right to control access of his creative work. Variations may exist with different countries butrepparttar 119197 basic idea is this.

Industrial property includes such things as patents and trademarks. A patent is defined as a legal grant issued by a government permitting an inventor to exclude others from making, using, or selling a claimed invention duringrepparttar 119198 patent's term. A trademark onrepparttar 119199 other hand is a name or symbol secured by legal registration that identifies a manufacturer's or trader's product or service and distinguishes it from other products and services.

Any infringement on these rights entitlesrepparttar 119200 owner to a day in court. Filing a lawsuit is a must if you want to be compensated forrepparttar 119201 damages you have received. Of course you won’t know if you are already being violated unless you know what you’re rights are. There is a great need for us to be familiar withrepparttar 119202 concepts of intellectual property laws for us to know when we are being wronged and what needs to be done to address that wrong. Like they always say, “Knowledge is Power.”

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Drugs That Won’t Work (Dangerous Drugs-When Will It Stop?)

Written by Carla Ballatan

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What’s more shocking that finding out that this drug won’t work is to find out that neitherrepparttar drug maker norrepparttar 119196 FDA have taken action in having this drug out ofrepparttar 119197 market. And here’s another fact, and a main cause ofrepparttar 119198 problem of drugs released inrepparttar 119199 market without guarantee that they will work –repparttar 119200 FDA looksrepparttar 119201 other way as they continuously allow drug companies to conduct as many trials and studies as they want. Whenrepparttar 119202 time comes to reportrepparttar 119203 findings,repparttar 119204 good results arerepparttar 119205 only ones to get through FDA. Then,repparttar 119206 drug will be declared “safe” for public consumption byrepparttar 119207 FDA … Untilrepparttar 119208 dangerous results are seen live onrepparttar 119209 people who have consumedrepparttar 119210 the drugs.

This is a frightening occurrence, indeed – for us,repparttar 119211 people to trust and rely our well-being on drug companies andrepparttar 119212 FDA when in fact, all they care about isrepparttar 119213 profits… Now tell me, how many more have to die beforerepparttar 119214 government has taken concrete steps on wiping out these dangerous drugs fromrepparttar 119215 market and holdingrepparttar 119216 FDA and drug companies responsible?

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