Intellectual Property - What it is

Written by P.M.George Kutty

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Copyrights protectrepparttar tangible expression of ideas. Copyright protection attaches whenrepparttar 143924 creator puts pen to paper and creates a tangible expression ofrepparttar 143925 idea. A copyright can be used to protect original works of authorship that are fixed in any tangible medium of expression. Thus, literary works, music, sound recordings, architectural and engineering drawings, pictures, photographs, paintings, and computer software are amenable to copyright protection. A copyright protects howrepparttar 143926 subject matter is expressed, notrepparttar 143927 idea itself or howrepparttar 143928 described subject matter functions. The subject matter must be "novel" torepparttar 143929 extent that it must not have already been placed inrepparttar 143930 public domain and, thus, dedicated torepparttar 143931 public.

Geographical Indications is a sign used which refers to goods emanating from a specific country or to a place situated therein as beingrepparttar 143932 place of origin of those goods. Typically, such a name conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness that is essentially attributable torepparttar 143933 original place of production. Geographical Indications are similar to trademarks in that they function as source indicators. However, there is clear distinction lies inrepparttar 143934 fact that while a trademark identifies a good or service as originating from a particular producer, a geographical indication identifiesrepparttar 143935 specific place from whererepparttar 143936 goods originates.

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Corporation – What Is It?

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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Limited Liability Corporation

Ah,repparttar good stuff. The primary benefit of using a corporation isrepparttar 143737 limited liability advantage. Since it is considered a separate entity from shareholders, a corporation creates a barrier between corporate liabilities andrepparttar 143738 assets of shareholders. The only risk shareholders take isrepparttar 143739 loss of their investment inrepparttar 143740 corporation.

Assume I own a home worth $800,000 in San Diego and invest $10,000 in a new business. The business is incorporated in California and is going to dominaterepparttar 143741 VHS tape market. Alas, my fortune teller apparently had an off day when she told me to invest andrepparttar 143742 company goes bankrupt in six months. I will lose my $10,000 investment, but not my $800,000 home. Ifrepparttar 143743 business had been formed as a partnership, I would loserepparttar 143744 investment and some or all of my home depending onrepparttar 143745 business debts.

In Closing

Considering it was originated inrepparttar 143746 distant past,repparttar 143747 corporate entity is still remarkably relevant in modern times. Althoughrepparttar 143748 proliferation ofrepparttar 143749 limited liability company has taken some wind out ofrepparttar 143750 sails,repparttar 143751 corporation remains a staple ofrepparttar 143752 business environment.

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