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Written by James Brown

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Although this kind of protection is just catching on in America, it's a proven commodity in Europe, where some 40 percent ofrepparttar population has some type of protection. When there's easy access to good legal advice, people more often settle their problems without a court fight. Your business can have that same security, because you'll know your rights will be protected, whether it's an unfulfilled contract, a defective product, damaged shipment or whatever!

Simply put, a pre-paid legal plan does for attorney bills what an HMO does for doctor bills. The monthly fee -- premium, if you wish -- varies by type of coverage and locality, but is typically less than $1 per day. A small sacrifice forrepparttar 119314 knowledge that you'll receive quality, comprehensive legal services to protect your rights and provide you with peace of mind.

James Brown is an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services®. For nearly 30 years, PPL has provided legal plans to businesses,families and individuals across the US and Canada. To check for availability and rates in your area, visit or contact James at


Written by Donald B. Kramer

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creditors. The law firms listed are in bothrepparttar retail (consumer) and commercial (business) collection areas. Most work is on a contingent fee basis. Viewingrepparttar 119313 directory is without charge. Listings include e-mail and website links. A DIRECTORY OF COLLECTION AGENCIES can be seen at for those whose claims are too small to sue, or who desirerepparttar 119314 services of a collection agency. This directory is also viewable without charge, with listings including e-mail and website links. For legal assistance in other areas of law, you are welcome to search: THE MARTINDALE DIRECTORY at THE WEST DIRECTORY at "ATTORNEYFIND" at

Donald B. Kramer, Esq., President of the St.Louis Collection Law Firm of Kramer & Frank, P.C. Questions are welcome when directed to

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