Insurance Agents: Separate yourselves from the crowd

Written by Marion Ingram

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Nancy was also polite but she tookrepparttar time to ask some important questions about her current insurance company that she will be able to use to her advantage when comparing companies. If Nancy hasrepparttar 145248 exact same price as Tom she would most likely haverepparttar 145249 advantage.

Agent 3: Hi Jill. This is Joe from Huge Insurance Company. Is this a good time for you? How is life treating you? Jill, I see that you live on Vine St. Do you know Bo Neighbor? He is one of my clients. It says onrepparttar 145250 paperwork from that you are a writer? What type of writer are you? You know my wife was trying to break into that business, what sort of tips could you give to help her out? Anyway, sorry about my rambling there, I just find it important to get to know each of my clients on a more personal level than what kind of car they drive. It is also important for me to know that you feelrepparttar 145251 same way. I know you could call 1-800-555-Quote and get a price but I want you to know me and my familyrepparttar 145252 same way I want to know yours. So, what is going on over at your current company? Oh yea? Well tell me Jill, what are some ofrepparttar 145253 things you really like about your current company? I think we will be able to offer you some solutions that will be comparable to your current company in some ways and exceed them in others. I will take some time to prepare a proposal for you, when is a good time for us to get together so I can present that to you? Great I will talk to you then.

What has Joe done? He was polite, learned about what was going on with her current company and most importantly inrepparttar 145254 short amount of time he had with her he became her friend. He knows personal stuff about Jill and Jill knowsrepparttar 145255 same about Joe. Sure he may or may not haverepparttar 145256 best price in town but as long as he is inrepparttar 145257 ball park he has a chance atrepparttar 145258 business. This is a chance that he probably would not have had if he had been even $5 more thanrepparttar 145259 first two agents.

I can promise you this: There is no better felling than closingrepparttar 145260 deal on a new client than when you cost them more money that what they were currently paying and they came to your company because of you. Take a chance on this one and try to be way different that your competition for one week. All you have to lose is some time. If you are selling on price alone now you will still haverepparttar 145261 same price, you will just deliver it in a different manner. After all, my Dad tells me allrepparttar 145262 time that "if you put it in one end ofrepparttar 145263 pipe, it will fall outrepparttar 145264 other." In other words if you quote enough people you will eventually write business. I guess I just want more of my "it" to get torepparttar 145265 other end ofrepparttar 145266 pipe.


7 Sure-Fire ways of reducing your home insurance premium

Written by Bill Smith

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How far isrepparttar fire station?

If you live more than 5 miles fromrepparttar 145247 nearest fire station and more than 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant, you can expect a higher premium. Also if you live inrepparttar 145248 country, you will probably pay higher insurance rate than if you were living inrepparttar 145249 city.

Type of construction:

The construction type of your home also plays an important role in determining your insurance premium. A wood frame home will cost more to insure thanrepparttar 145250 one built mostly of concrete.

Claims free record and renewal discounts:

If you have not had a claim under your current home owners policy forrepparttar 145251 past 3-5 years, you will get a 15% discount on your premium. Expect additional discount if your policy has been in force withrepparttar 145252 same insurance company for 3 years or more.


I am hopeful you have gained preliminary knowledge onrepparttar 145253 subject of home insurance premiums. With these helpful tips you will be able to understand and demand discounts on your home insurance premiums. Good Luck!

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